Invicto is the new Standart, The 360 micron thickness and the diamond blade shape it’s a new standard in durability and resilience. Even after 100.000 cycles of Standard Lisport and 40.000 cycles of Lisport XL testing no signs of wear or tear is observed. Nowadays resilience and durability of the yarn have become the most important factors in usage within long playing hours. Hatko engineers designed a new system with TenCate 360 microns special diamond yarns that show high resilience characteristics, and created our new turf blade profile Invicto, the system that is the future of artificial turf and a new trend on the pitches with artificial grass.

  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 14.000 dtex, 360 micron thickness, 1,15mm width
  • Excellent Resilience and Durability
  • XQ PE Polymers
  • 40.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance, 100.000 cycles of Lisport
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy