X is a New Aspect 

Football is about how a player rules the ball, players has the ability to control the ball as long as the ball follows the instructions of the player, Ball is always in control of the player and the surface. The Resilience and Durability is the two key factors that effect the Surface and the Ball interaction. Hatko Engineers designed the 650-micron thick X profile to meet the unreachable. MaXima has a unique shape, reinforced with 650-micron spine, which supplies resilience to the turf blade and excellent flexibility and durability. Unlike other convex blades it has a very high durability even after 12.000 cycles of Lisport XLTests.

  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 13.500 dtex, 650 micron thickness, 1,4mm width
  • Exclusive Yarn For HATKOÒ
  • Excellent Resilience and Durability
  • XQ PE Polymers 12.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy