Basketball Court Construction and Cost

Basketball CourtFloors: Tartan and Acrylic Floors The construction of the basketball court is anarea that is frequently demanded and has plenty of variety.


It can be used as outdoor and indoorbasketball courts in two main groups and it can be preferred as parquet, acrylic, tartan, polyurethane and multi-purpose synthetic grass floor.


You can request all kinds of information about the basketball fields from  including technical and cost. Basketball fields are usually acrylic or tartan, EPDM granules.


Thedimensions for the construction of the basketball court are 15m x 28m.The international game lines are regulated by FIBA. However, amateur courts such as school can be made in smaller sizes.



  • Basketball Court Construction


  • Please contact us to know the cost and square meter prices for the construction of the basketball court with tartan floors.
  • Please contact us to find out the cost of construction of acrylic ground sports field and acrylic floor paint square meter prices.
  • Polyurethane floor is preferred in indoor areas such as indoor sports halls
  • Sports parquet floor is ideal for professional indoor sports halls


Concrete subbase, surface, outdoor field steel construction (at least 4m high)and painting, PVC-coated wire mesh around the field (3.5mm thick and 5cm x 5cmeye range), special outdoor area lighting for the sports field (400W halideprojectors or new type 100-150W LED lighting should be included whencalculating the cost of Basketball courtconstructions).


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