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Artificial turf production has become quite common nowadays. Both in terms of raw material supply and production, it is an area that needs to be worked in a very professional manner. Because sports made on artificial turf are quite active sports. Athletes or sporters want to provide high strength on the grass. In this way, they enjoy both the game and the quality of the game played. For example, artificial grass quality is very important in football sport. If the material used is of good quality, the bounce rate on the ground will be smooth. At the same time athletes will also be able to move more comfortably with spikes on the ground.

When we compare natural turf and artificial lawn, artificial lawn is always more advantageous. For example, football boots are pointed shoes and natural grass on these shoes is very difficult to play with. Natural grass is removed when it comes into contact with the nails of the crampons, which increases the likelihood of injury to players. However, there are not such a problem in artificial turf ground. Because there is no possibility of disassembly due to the materials used in the production. This is why players have a better performance. After that, FIFA has made the use of artificial turf floors mandatory after 2006.

As Hatko Sport, we have been serving the world in artificial turf sector for many years with our vast experience. Our company, which has achieved many successes in and out of the country, adds a new success to its every day. Today we are going to review Hatko Sport’s artificial turf floor types. Now, let’s start reviewing.

Best Artificial Grass Product Review

Best Artificial Grass Product Review

Hatko’s 5 Best Types Of Artificial Lawn


It is a lawn system that has been redesigned and developed by Hatko engineers. R & D and TENCATE Hatko engineers spent hundreds of technical hours developing our old omega product and produced the best-quality engineering product of all time, the OMEGA XL. And eventually OMEGA XL licence taken with a big success.


  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 18.000 dtex, 470 micron thickness
  • Exclusive Yarn For HATKO by TENCATE
  • Excellent Coverage & Durability
  • Innovative resilient Design
  • XQ PE Polymers 6.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

Football is a sport related to how a player dominates the ball, the ball has the ability to control the ball as long as it follows the player’s instructions. The ball always controls the player and the surface. There are two important factors affecting surface and ball interaction. These are Flexibility and Durability. Hatko Engineers developed the Maxima product at an excellent level of 650 microns. Maxima has a unique shape, powered by a 650 micron backbone, providing excellent flexibility and durability to the grass blade. In contrast to other convex blades, it has a very high resistance even after the 12,000 Lisport XL Test.


  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 13.500 dtex, 650 micron thickness, 1,4mm width
  • Exclusive Yarn For HATKO
  • Excellent Resilience and Durability
  • XQ PE Polymers 12.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

Duograss product is a reinterpretation of fibrated systems. The old name is Perfoma Grass. Developed in the classic Performa Grass product of Hatko Sport is called Duograss. The new polymers, yarn colors and yarn shades are the perfect match for this product. Duograss is a reference for new lawn systems for durability. Using the best filler makes it perfect.


  • Duocolor fibrillated fibers
  • 5.500 dtex, 110 micron thickness
  • Excellent coverage
  • 5.000 hours UVA resistance

Spine Turf is the name of a revolution in grass systems. The beginning of a new era in the artificial grass industry. Thanks to a backbone used in the center of the grass blade, it has gained flexibility and durability. This product has been produced by Hatko Sport for more than 10 years. Established more than 4 million square meters all over the world, this product is praised by its users. Users who speak of excellent performance and satisfactory quality argue that the product should be used more professionally in the field.


  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 12.000 dtex, 330 micron thickness, 1,45mm width
  • Proven Durability
  • 100% PE Polymers
  • 6.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

The Invicto product is a 360 micron thickness product. Thanks to the diamond blades used, it develops a new standard for durability and flexibility. It is a patented product that does not show any signs of wear and tear even after 100.000 Standard Lisport and 40.000 Lisport XL test. Hatko engineers have designed a new system with high-elasticity TenCate 380 microns special diamond yarns and see Invicto as the future of artificial turf.


  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 14.000 dtex, 360 micron thickness, 1,15mm width
  • Excellent Resilience and Durability
  • XQ PE Polymers
  • 40.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance, 100.000 cycles of Lisport
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

Genaral Features of Hatko Sport’s Artificial Lawn

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Protected against UV lights.
  • Thanks to drainage channels, it provides superior performance even in very bad weather conditions.
  • Does not contain any carcinogenic substances in any way.
  • Production for professional fields in FIFA standards.
  • There is no danger of collapse in the field due to the quality granules used in the construction.
  • All Hatko Sport artificial turfs has real grass appearance.

As it is seen, Hatko Sport is one of the leading companies in the world with its superior experience. If you want to create wonders in your field, please contact us.

Best Artificial Grass Product Review 2019

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