Children prefer to play in the playgrounds, especially young children enjoy most, and we prefer our children to be more secure and play in comfortable places. It is an activity that can be done in summer as they like to play with their friends and consume their energies. In the summer and winter, children’s playgrounds should be safe.


Safety should always be at the forefront in these areas in order to prevent damage to children who are falling while playing. The playgrounds where safety is at the forefront are the first places preferred by families.


Although the toys in the playgrounds must be made of iron, the floors must always be soft. If the floors and materials in the children’s playgrounds are hard, the injury will be inevitable. Because our children do not know what will hurt him/her in the game or limit his/her actions in order not to be injured.

How Should Children Playgrounds Be?

Even though you are in a safe playground, children should not be left alone and their movements should be monitored. But, it is good to limit the free space of the child by putting obstacles and restricting the children playing. Therefore, the more children’s playgrounds are safe and sound, less restriction and injury to children will be. In the children’s playground, the most important point is the floor.

The floor should be soft and shock absorbing so that it does not cause injury when the child falls. It must also be weather resistant. When it rains, there should be no water accumulaton. There should not be sand, stone or gravel on the floor. The floor should not be used if there is a potential for injury, not clean, and the child to swallow something.


It is necessary to ensure the safety and security of the equipment in the outdoor and indoor playgrounds. For all these reasons, the floors must be made of rubber. These floors will be a safe place for your child, preventing injuries, shock-absorbing, water-free and no slippage.

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