Companies That Make Football Carpet Field 


In this article, you will find a lot of information about football carpet field construction and football carpet field cost.


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Companies That Make Football Carpet Field



As there is a high level of competition among the firms that make football carpet field, there are various companies which usually go in the way of giving more favorable price by stealing from the material. Please review the offers of affordable and inexpensive carpets. In fact, even if the firm offers the same offer to many carpet pitches, they do not bring promised materials in the sales contract to the construction site. They use thinner profile, they use 3rd grade defective iron, which causes the football carpet area to collapse in a short time.


Please note that even with the most discounted prices, you should see a maximum of 5-10% price difference among offers. All materials will be low quality, iron tonnage will be half, and the carpet will be a artificial grass carpet of 50mm low quality instead of 55mm, tarpaulin will be 500gr/m2 cheap standard tarpaulin instead of 650gr/m2.


If you don’t want your football carpet field investment to disappear quickly, choose from the list of old and well-established companies. No football carpet field of ​​our company installed collapsed until today. The reason for this is that we work with engineering discipline and have not stolen any material to date. You can ask us the telephone number of our previous references to find out about the quality of our work.


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