How The Use Of Hybrid Grass Become Widespread?

When we look at the areas covered with grass, it is seen that they use different areas. Especially because of the deformability of printable turf soils in sports fields with high density and wide areas (football, rugby, golf, etc.), outdoor concerts and recreation areas, alternative solutions have been started to be investigated instead. After the research, artificial turf was developed first. Later, in the 1990s, hybrid turf method was found and applied in sports fields. Hatko Sport is a hybrid grass manufacturer. It has many references that proved its success in the sector.

This method, which is reinforced with 20 million artificial fibers and is a semi-artificial, semi-natural grass, is injected under the ground with machines and thus strengthens the natural grass roots. In this study, 40 in the world in the hybrid lawn method implemented in five football fields in Turkey, Trabzon Medical Park Arena, with Rize Çaykur Didi has uncovered Football Stadium in the implementation phase and natural grass than the floor advantages. This invention is a novel invention for outdoor use; It is thought that it will give better results in terms of factors such as ground and post-application maintenance, longevity, easy deterioration.

Grass; is a plant that covers the soil surface, develops frequently, has a homogeneous appearance and is kept short-cut. Located on the top surface of rural areas, green areas and sports fields, this plant lives on a grass carrier layer or a special soil layer. It is composed of herbaceous plants which do not have agricultural benefit or do not serve such purpose. Due to the fact that both the stem part and the leaves are much stronger and more durable, the grass species belonging to the family of the genus Agrostis (Peacocks), Festuca (Yumaklar), Poa (Clusters) and Lolium (Lawns) are applied as a mixture of grass especially in sports fields.

  • No type of grass shows the best results in the area where it is planted.
  • For this purpose, the area to be planted must be analyzed in advance according to some factors.
  • And these factors should be considered in natural grass planting.

The choice of grass plants that can grow optimally for a healthy grass area is related to how the lawn is used, where it is grown, the level of continuity acceptable, how the maintenance will be and what its appearance is. The grass surfaces were first XIII. century was used for bowling. Later, at the end of the same century, cricket, a club sport, was played on the grass. For other outdoor sports such as football and golf, XVI. century first grass fields were used.

How The Use Of Hybrid Grass Become Widespread (2)

Hybrid Grass Produced as an Alternative to Natural Grass

When we look at today, there is an interest in football. This sport, which is in great demand in terms of sporting activity, increases the use of natural grass surfaces. Different maintenance stages are needed due to factors such as deformation of natural grass soils, slow development, substrate texture, drainage, natural factors, weeds, insects. For these reasons, alternative ground suggestions which are suitable for sports on grass fields, which can remain on the ground for a longer time and are more durable have been developed.

Scientific and academic researches have revealed artificial turf and hybrid turf applications as an alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass, the raw material of which is petroleum, is formed by the weaving of yarns consisting of rubber granular filled material.

Hybrid grass is a mixture of artificial grass and natural fibers. Even if artificial turf is an alternative to natural turf areas, athletes have been criticized for wear due to fall on these surfaces, temperature measured during summer and bad rubber odor, and could not withstand high usage levels of public sports grounds and stadiums. As a result of long-term tests, it has been determined that hybrid systems respond to these problems in terms of differentiation properties of artificial fibers and reinforcers. Hybrid Grass is a hybrid grass that contains both natural and synthetic grass. Synthetic turf, which we call synthetic, provides natural grass roots to be tucked into the artificial grass by being stuck under the surface.

As you can see, hybrid grass is even more popular than artificial turf lately. Contact Hatko Sport for more information.

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