Hybrid Football Pitches – Most Preferred Football Fields

As we all know, sporting activities are performed in the most suitable fields. New technologies are constantly being developed for sporting activities on more suitable grounds. For example, football is a sport that is quite enjoyable and very popular. In addition, as you know, football is a sport in which international tournaments are held all over the world.

  • Therefore, the importance given to football sport is more.

Many investments are made in the football field and the most important of these are the grounds where the football sport is realized. Investing in a football field is a serious business because it determines the quality and playability of your stadium.

As you know, artificial turf floors have been used on football fields for a long time. However, a technology has been developed for artificial turf soils to look closer to natural grass. This technology is also called hybrid grass.

What are the Hybrid Grass Installation Methods (2)

Hybrid grass is a kind of soil obtained by planting natural grass seeds and artificial grass yarns / fibers together on the ground. Hybrid turf pitches are known as reinforced natural turf pitches. What does that mean? hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass

  • Reinforced natural grass means that natural grass seeds are combined with artificial turf to form a new sports ground.

If you want your football field to have the closest look to natural grass, you should definitely choose hybrid grass.

For this, you need to work with companies specialized in the field of hybrid turf production. As Hatko, we are a company that produces hybrid grass fields and uses the latest technology grass carpet spreading machines.

  • We produce hybrid grass field together with our expert team.
  • After the infrastructure and excavation works we have done on your site, we realize the most suitable grass spreading for your site.
  • After the artificial turf carpet is laid on your carpet field, natural grass seeds are thrown into your field.

Hybrid grass fields are fields formed by combining nature and technology with each other. In addition, hybrid lawns are considered to be 100% natural grass, which means that the comfort of the game will be increased.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Grass?

hybrid turfs

Hybrid turf pitches are a system preferred by many professional football clubs. We will continue with the football clubs that prefer hybrid grass in the following sections. Now, let us talk briefly about the advantages of hybrid grass. hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass-installation

  1. If you have a hybrid grass field, you will feel as if you are playing on natural grass ground.

Because hybrid grass floors are reinforced with natural grass, there is no difference from natural grass. Game quality will increase accordingly.

  1. Hybrid grass can be used in 4 seasons.

Don’t worry if your football field is open. Because of the bad grass conditions in the grass turf breakage and erosion situation is not observed. Since natural grass roots are combined with artificial turf, the ruptures are prevented.

  1. Hybrid grass quickly regenerates itself.

Hybrid turf will renew itself easily as natural grass seeds are always on your football field. So you won’t have to use new natural grass seeds all the time and your football field maintenance cost will be reduced.

  1. Hybrid grass pitches are multi-purpose.

Hybrid grass field systems are a system where many activities can be performed simultaneously. For example, a concert can be given on your field before your sporting activity and the ground is suitable for concert use. You won’t need to spend extra effort for a football match on your pitch after the concert, because hybrid grass floors are multi-purpose. Many activities can be done in succession.

  1. The quality of the game is much longer when compared to natural grass.

Due to the fact that it is easy to wear on natural grass fields, it cannot be used for a long time and one after another. Because after use, your field will have a field view with the lawns removed. However, since hybrid lawns are developed as reinforced natural lawns, the natural lawn offers 4 times more game play than the pitch. This gives you great game quality as a strengthened field.

  1. Always remain the green color as on the first day.

Hybrid grass is combined with the quality of artificial turf and is not affected by sunlight and does not fade in color. Therefore, its use is increasing. Because no matter how high quality a field should appeal to the eye. The hybrid grass field is both quality and appealing to the eye.

  1. Hybrid grass field maintenance cost is low.

Like artificial turf pitches, hybrid turf pitches have low maintenance costs. Because of easy wear and tear is not seen in the field. This will accelerate the return on your investment. You guys. The use of hybrid grass field will return as soon as advantage.

  1. Hybrid grass should be produced in accordance with FIFA standards.

According to the standards determined by FIFA, hybrid grass is considered as 100% natural grass. That’s why you should work with companies that produce quality hybrid lawns that meet the specified standards.

As Hatko Sport, we have produced hybrid turf field in many countries of the world and in many known sports clubs. Our references and product quality are very strong, so we rely on ourselves. We help you to make profitable investments with reinforced natural grass. After proper infrastructure works, your site will be laid with hybrid grass and you will be able to use advantageously. hatkosport.com/hybridgrass-news-projects

  1. The biggest advantage of hybrid turf is the ability to play both training and football on the same field.

As the quality of the game on the hybrid grass field is very high, both the training and football can be played on the same field, so it is a logical solution for the investor.

As you can see, the advantages of hybrid grass are quite high. Now let’s list the sports clubs that use hybrid grass in our country and in the world.

Which Football Clubs Use Hybrid Grass?

What is Hybrid Grass and Where is it Used (2)

Many big sports clubs in our country and in the world turn football fields into hybrid grass fields. The advantages mentioned above have caused these clubs to change their preferences. These clubs;

  • Galatasaray / Turkey
  • Fenerbahçe / Turkey
  • Arsenal / United Kingdom
  • Manchester City / United Kingdom
  • Manchester United
  • Newcastle / England
  • Everton / England

As you can see, big world football clubs are already using hybrid turf pitches. If you want to get income from your football field as well as you want to enjoy the game played hybrid grass.

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