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Which Type of Surfaces Can be Used When Doing Indoor Sports?

Which Type of Surfaces Can be Used When Doing Indoor Sports?

Indoor sports, called indoor sports, cover many different fields such as gymnastics, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Salon sports, which are preferred for keeping the mind and body fit and having a pleasant time are among the most useful activities. Those who have not yet started a salon sport can take the first step for a healthy life as soon as possible by selecting the appropriate branch for their abilities. Because sports are very important for health. Sports is an activity that we have to do to have a healthy body. As Hatko Sport, we produce many kinds of floor for indoor sports halls. Indoor sports should be performed on solid and durable surfaces. You can only achieve this by working with quality companies.

As Hatko Sport, we are working to produce the best quality sports floors for you. We produce outdoor and indoor sports grounds using the highest quality materials. We use artificial grass and hybrid grass which are our own special production for outdoor sports fields. We use a floor type called Purlon for indoor sports halls.

Now let’s first examine the indoor sports.

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What are the Types of Indoor Sports?

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball played between two teams of 6 people in accordance with certain rules is one of the sports that is beneficial for both socializing and body development. This game, which is very active and enjoyable, makes you feel psychologically good while working certain muscles of the body. In volleyball, dunking is the leading movement that works most muscles. The muscles of the lower and upper extremities work at the same time with dunking.

In volleyball, the rectus abdominis muscles are called abdominal muscles, and in the jump movements, muscles called anterior tibialis between the ankle and knee cap are activated. Volleyball is a sport that develops the muscles of the body without placing any strain on the spine. In volleyball, the ball hitting movements are mostly movements that strengthen and strengthen the chest muscles. Volleyball is an ideal sport for team-lovers and is played on parquet floor in an indoor hall. It is necessary to have suitable form, shorts and sneakers for this sport which teaches to control the body.

  1. Handball

Handball is a sport that has established itself in recent years and has reached a certain audience. This game is played with a total of 14 people, including 7 people in 1 team. Like handball, handball is a hand-held game. It gives biomotoric abilities such as durability, speed, skill, body flexibility and jump. Posture disorders are prevented with this sport which gives flexibility. Body muscles become stronger and erect. Both hand and upper muscles work intensively from handball. Lower limb with running, jumping and jumping movements; The upper extremity is activated by movements such as hold-push, block, goal throw.

The size of the ball in handball also varies according to age groups. He played handball as the ball thrown into the castle by hand, in Turkey, both of the preferred sports often in the world. In general, while strength and speed to the body; The athlete who is constantly in motion also develops his arm and leg muscles.

  1. Gymnastics

Gymnastics, where athletes develop their muscles using their own body weights, is a sport that runs almost all muscles. It includes a number of rhythmic movements to keep the body fit, enhance and strengthen. It increases the flexibility of the body, especially when starting at a young age. It prevents the development of posture disorders in later ages. In adults, it provides a more upright and flexible body. This provides movement advantage in many sports.

The most working and strengthening muscle group in gymnastics is the arm and chest muscles. Gymnastics, which improves the balance and coordination power of the body, is also a sport that psychologically relieves. The mind only focuses on keeping the body in balance, which distracts negative thoughts from the mind. Flexibility and muscle density stand out in gymnastics, while the upper part of the body is more active and active in ring gymnastics. Professional gymnasts prefer one-piece swimwear. The two-piece gymnastics clothing consists of a pair of sports tights and a t-shirt. They are more suitable for daily gymnastics.

  1. Table Tennis

Table tennis, which improves physical and motoric properties, is one of the most frequently used hall sports. This game, which improves reaction speed, concentration, timing and balance functions, is a sport that people of all ages can play and reach. Playing on a rectangular hard, flat and green or blue table requires fast and agile play. There is a net in the middle of the table and the game is continued by allowing the hollow ball made of celluloid material to pass over this net.

The most commonly used muscles of table tennis are arm and trunk muscles. While developing table tennis wrists and arms, the hind leg muscles are also strengthened as it is a standing game. Table tennis works both the mind to make the right decision and the body for the right strokes. This ensures a harmonious coordination between the brain and the body.

  1. Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports the Turks have been dealing with. It is basically a sport that demands power, technique and intelligence. Anaerobic power is very important in wrestling, which is both a defense and an offensive sport. It is a short-lasting sport that requires intense strength and effort. One of the most critical skills in wrestling is flexibility. The athlete’s body is flexible and makes the techniques he needs more comfortable. Wrestling activates and strengthens all the muscles of the body, including the upper and lower parts by improving anaerobic capacity. This game played on a cushion has its own rules.

Long nails and beard are included in the prohibitions list for those who want to do this sport. Metal accessories and lubricating oils that can cause injury are also prohibited. In this sport, the aim is to put both rivals on the mat so that it touches the ground. The wrestling costume is designed for this sport. In this sport, all muscles are strengthened because the whole body is actively working. It regulates the cardiovascular system and prevents cardiovascular diseases. As it is a high-calorie sport, it accelerates fat burning.

We can add a lot of sports to these sports. Futsal, basketball, handball and volleyball are especially important for indoor sports. With our product called Purlon, you can play quality games on a very high quality ground. For more information about our Purlon product, please visit our website and contact us.

For more;  https://www.hatkosport.com/products/athlon/

Where to Buy Hybrid Grass?

Where to Buy Hybrid Grass?

Sports on the graass are quite common today. That’s why turf sports should be done on quality grounds. Nowadays, artificial turf floors are widely used and provide the opportunity to make these sports in a quality environment. Artificial grass for many years, especially on the football field by improving the quality of the game provides a quality game to the audience. However, in the world where everything has developed and changed, hybrid grass technology has been revealed by considering alternatives to artificial turf ground. Hybrid grass is produced by Hatko Sport with the latest generation technology. At this point, we have given the answer to the question of where to buy hybrid grass. Hatko Sport is a company with many references that have proven itself in the grass industry for nearly 30 years. It has achieved many successes by building football fields all over the world.

Nowadays, the closed architecture of the stadiums leads to the deterioration of the ground much more easily due to the insufficient air flow and the adverse conditions caused by insufficient sunlight. Hybrid turf system has been developed for the strengthening of natural grass due to the shortening of the times of reconstruction, repair, modification and maintenance. The hybrid turf system reinforces natural turf areas with artificial turf fibers and builds technically perfect areas. This allows multi-functional use of stadium grounds and offers extra income to clubs. Areas covered with hybrid grass can be used for many years of peace of mind because they do not wear out easily. Hybrid grass have been preferred by many football clubs in recent years, providing a strong turf system by combining with natural grass structure. The number of hybrid grass pitch used in the world and Turkey is increasing every day.

Hatko Sport is Turkey’s leader Hibrit grass manufactturing company. While creating natural grass roots, it provides strong durability thanks to the injection of artificial grass at a depth of 20 cm. The field, 95% of which is made of natural grass, offers a combination of durability and performance comfort. That’s why it’s fun to play on a hybrid grass field. Because the risk of injury is very low. Since the ground is produced by mixing with artificial turf, its slippery appearance is considerably reduced. There is little risk of injury on the ground that does not slip easily. In this way, professional or amateur club players can adapt themselves to their games more easily. Because they’re not afraid to get hurt.

The vertically injected synthetic fibers are also a great support for drainage. Due to its abrasion resistance, it reduces the cost of treatment and care and provides a continuous healthy and prestigious field.

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What are the Advantages of Hybrid Grass?

  • Provides play quality on natural grass ground.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It provides the advantage of 4 seasons use.
  • You can play up to 3-4 times more games than the standard natural grass field.
  • Thanks to strong roots, no grass breaks are seen.
  • Self-renewal speed is high. This saves you extra money.
  • Prevents image loss of clubs. Prevents an aesthetically bad appearance on the ground.
  • Always provides a green and balanced field without sludge deposits and grass breaks.
  • Provides additional income opportunity by providing activity in the fields.
  • Reduces maintenance times and costs, thus providing the fastest return on investment.
  • Hybrid grass that is protected against UV rays maintains the quality of the first day for many years.

As you can see, the hybrid grass is quite good quality and is a useful product for sports. Compared with artificial turf ground, nowadays it has more advantage. For more information, please contact Hatko Sport. With the hope of playing games on safer pitches.

For more; www.hatkosport.com/why-you-should-choose-artificial-grass/

How to Maintain Hybrid Grass Fields?

How to Maintain Hybrid Grass Fields?

In hybrid grass areas, in areas where the hybridization machine cannot enter or deform, manual hybridization is performed to recover the worn areas in a short time. In natural grass fields, this application is carried out as seed spreading process. Root attitude and growth time are prolonged due to reasons such as the seeds flying from wind to place, being eaten as feed by birds, or not receiving the necessary water, light and temperature depending on weather conditions. In addition, roller grass is also applied in natural fields in order to realize the renovation process in a shorter time. However, this application is more economical than the spreading process involves more cost.

When the hybrid and natural grass applications in the study areas were examined, it was seen that the deformed sections in the hybrid areas renewed themselves more quickly and in a short time during the monthly maintenance periods. As Hatko Sport, we make the highest quality hybrid grass fields.

After hybridization, hybrid grass fields enter solarium (artificial daylight) and mature grass seeds more quickly. Grass roots, which normally develop between 8-12 cm, are thus coiled into fibers 20 cm deep and the field is ready more quickly.

In the match and training fields prepared for the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England and Wales, 53 natural and hybrid turf fields were selected for analysis and some mechanical tests were conducted to measure the field quality. Primarily, samples were taken from the field soils by a 40 mm diameter cylinder and dipped into a 220 mm depth and analyzed the development stages of the grass. In the later stages, factors such as durability, shear resistance, hardness, which should be subjected to higher mechanical tests, were analyzed.

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Comparison of Natural Grass Field and Hybrid Grass Field

  • Natural grass field and hybrid grass field were compared.
  • It has been observed in two different fields applied that hybrid sites with artificial fibers need to be irrigated more frequently.
  • This is because the sun’s rays are held by artificial fibers, causing the soil to cool late.

Looking at the first turf format, the natural grass is mowed to the standard 250-300 mm for playing football, while in hybrid pitches the first form is mowed to the length of 200 mm artificial hybrid fibers. In the later forms, standard 250-300 mm forms are made to prevent the mowing of hybrid grass. Dilution process is performed after planting in natural grass fields. However, this process is not performed on hybrid soils.

Ventilation is done with thinner nails on hybrid floors and thicker nails on natural floors. This prevents damage to the artificial fibers. Sandblasting process is performed once a year by laying only foggy fine sand on hybrid surfaces. The reason for this is to prevent the thickness of the sand to rise above the artificial fibers. It is applied to natural grass surfaces by mixing with river sand turf. The hybridizing brush is used to steep the artificial fibers lying on the ground after shape. On natural grass surfaces this is done with normal hard-tipped brushes. In another study, the hybrid lawn application designed, tested and patented by the University of Pisa was classified as a natural turf field made up of natural lawns growing on artificial turf and reinforced by FIFA.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of the game and to determine the abrasion resistance after the rugby and football competitions in 2-5 months period. World-leading hybrid turf stadium led by Wembley Stadium, Emirates (Arsenal), Etihad (Manchester City), Old Trafford (Manchester United), White Hart Lane (Tottenham), St. James Park (Newcastle United), Goodison Park ( Everton), San Siro (Milan / Inter), Amsterdam Arena (Ajax), Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid), Donbass Arena (Shakhtar Donetsk). Turkey also hybrid grass applications is increasing every day. In another study, 40 football teams in Victoria and Western Australia were measured at 9 different points on 20 grounds during 2007-2008 season and 352 of 402 injuries were found to be related to ground hardness at the points (Twomey et al. 2012). This has shown that in sports areas where hybrid or natural grass is applied, particular attention must be paid to the soil being too soft or too hard and the dosage of granules and fibers mixed into the sandfill.

As can be seen, hybrid grass field is a very profitable investment compared to natural grass field. Also the hybrid grass maintenance is easy.  For further information please contact Hatko Sport.

For more; https://www.hatkosport.com/what-is-hybrid-grass/

How The Use Of Hybrid Grass Become Widespread?

How The Use Of Hybrid Grass Become Widespread?

When we look at the areas covered with grass, it is seen that they use different areas. Especially because of the deformability of printable turf soils in sports fields with high density and wide areas (football, rugby, golf, etc.), outdoor concerts and recreation areas, alternative solutions have been started to be investigated instead. After the research, artificial turf was developed first. Later, in the 1990s, hybrid turf method was found and applied in sports fields. Hatko Sport is a hybrid grass manufacturer. It has many references that proved its success in the sector.

This method, which is reinforced with 20 million artificial fibers and is a semi-artificial, semi-natural grass, is injected under the ground with machines and thus strengthens the natural grass roots. In this study, 40 in the world in the hybrid lawn method implemented in five football fields in Turkey, Trabzon Medical Park Arena, with Rize Çaykur Didi has uncovered Football Stadium in the implementation phase and natural grass than the floor advantages. This invention is a novel invention for outdoor use; It is thought that it will give better results in terms of factors such as ground and post-application maintenance, longevity, easy deterioration.

Grass; is a plant that covers the soil surface, develops frequently, has a homogeneous appearance and is kept short-cut. Located on the top surface of rural areas, green areas and sports fields, this plant lives on a grass carrier layer or a special soil layer. It is composed of herbaceous plants which do not have agricultural benefit or do not serve such purpose. Due to the fact that both the stem part and the leaves are much stronger and more durable, the grass species belonging to the family of the genus Agrostis (Peacocks), Festuca (Yumaklar), Poa (Clusters) and Lolium (Lawns) are applied as a mixture of grass especially in sports fields.

  • No type of grass shows the best results in the area where it is planted.
  • For this purpose, the area to be planted must be analyzed in advance according to some factors.
  • And these factors should be considered in natural grass planting.

The choice of grass plants that can grow optimally for a healthy grass area is related to how the lawn is used, where it is grown, the level of continuity acceptable, how the maintenance will be and what its appearance is. The grass surfaces were first XIII. century was used for bowling. Later, at the end of the same century, cricket, a club sport, was played on the grass. For other outdoor sports such as football and golf, XVI. century first grass fields were used.

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Hybrid Grass Produced as an Alternative to Natural Grass

When we look at today, there is an interest in football. This sport, which is in great demand in terms of sporting activity, increases the use of natural grass surfaces. Different maintenance stages are needed due to factors such as deformation of natural grass soils, slow development, substrate texture, drainage, natural factors, weeds, insects. For these reasons, alternative ground suggestions which are suitable for sports on grass fields, which can remain on the ground for a longer time and are more durable have been developed.

Scientific and academic researches have revealed artificial turf and hybrid turf applications as an alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass, the raw material of which is petroleum, is formed by the weaving of yarns consisting of rubber granular filled material.

Hybrid grass is a mixture of artificial grass and natural fibers. Even if artificial turf is an alternative to natural turf areas, athletes have been criticized for wear due to fall on these surfaces, temperature measured during summer and bad rubber odor, and could not withstand high usage levels of public sports grounds and stadiums. As a result of long-term tests, it has been determined that hybrid systems respond to these problems in terms of differentiation properties of artificial fibers and reinforcers. Hybrid Grass is a hybrid grass that contains both natural and synthetic grass. Synthetic turf, which we call synthetic, provides natural grass roots to be tucked into the artificial grass by being stuck under the surface.

As you can see, hybrid grass is even more popular than artificial turf lately. Contact Hatko Sport for more information.

For more;  www.hatkosport.com/landscaping-references/

What is Hybrid Grass and Where is it Used?

What is Hybrid Grass and Where is it Used?

As you know, the use of artificial turf is very common in sports fields. However, in recent years different alternatives have been considered for artificial turf. As a result of the researches, a new field floor was created with a mixture of artificial grass and natural grass. We call this type of ground hybrid grass. Hybrid grass is defined as a type of grass consisting of the combination of natural grass with synthetic fibers. Hybrid grass, also known as natural grass, is a hybrid grass that includes both natural and synthetic grass. Artificial turf, which we call synthetic, is stuck deep under the surface, so that natural grass roots are entangled in artificial grass. Thus, a more robust structure will be formed. This robustness will not allow the lawn to rise and the ground to deteriorate.

As Hatko Sport, we have many references and successes in the artificial turf sector in the world. We have built many sports fields all over the world and we continue to do so. Hybrid grass, which is the state-of-the-art technology, reaches you with Hatko quality. Now let’s examine the hybrid grass a little more.

Hybrid grass or reinforced natural grass is a hybrid grass that includes both natural grass and synthetic grass. Synthetic grasses are stuck deep under the surface, so that the natural grass roots are entangled in artificial grass. Thus, stronger root grass is obtained. The ground we see in the field deterioration and grass removal is not experienced. It is also very easy to transport. The grass can easily be raised and re-laid for events on the football field.

Hybrid turf characteristics;

  • Hybrid grass is a combination of nature and technology.
  • It is also considered a 100 percent natural grass.
  • Advantages are the quality of playing on natural grass ground,
  • Advantage of use during four seasons,
  • No grass breaks,
  • Preservation of grass roots,
  • Renew itself quickly,
  • No need for re-germination,
  • Easy transition to sports activities after events such as concerts

As we can sort the properties.

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What are the Advantages of Hybrid Grass?

  • Provides play quality on natural grass ground.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It has the advantage of being used in 4 seasons.
  • Up to 3-4 times more play than standard natural grass pitch.
  • Thanks to strong roots, no grass breaks are seen.
  • Self-renewal speed is high.
  • Prevents image loss of clubs.
  • Always provides a green and balanced field without sludge deposits and grass breaks.
  • Provides additional income opportunity by providing activity in the fields.
  • Reduces maintenance times and costs, thus ensuring the fastest return on investment.
  • Hybrid grass installation is so easy.

Hybrid turf is a great advantage due to the closed and sun-free architecture of the newly designed stadiums. Indoor stadiums implemented by clubs, especially those who do not want to be affected by weather opposition, are among the places where hybrid turf application is frequently seen.

Hybrid turf is one of the most preferred methods due to the design of the new generation stadiums which minimizes the weather conditions. Due to the lack of air flow and sunlight, natural lawns that wear out very easily also bring many maintenance costs. Reconstruction, repair, modification and maintenance need is becoming more and more preferred due to the shortening of the time. Hybrid grass has been developed for strengthening natural grass. The hybrid grass system reinforces natural grass areas with artificial grass fibers and builds technically perfect areas. This allows multifunctional use of stadiums and offers extra income to clubs.

As we have seen, the hybrid grass floor formed by combining artificial grass with natural grass has recently become popular all over the world. As Hatko Sport, we can cover your field with hybrid grass and make you a profitable investment. For more information please contact us

For more; www.hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass-maintenance/

RKC Will Play On Hatko Hybridgrass For Next Season


RKC has recently conducted intensive research and consulted with various parties on the possibilities of a natural grass pitch. Frank van Mosselveld, Managing Director, explains: ” The switch from artificial grass to natural grass has always been one of our biggest priorities. RKC Waalwijk stands for football and that belongs to natural grass. We want to distinguish ourselves in the facilities and the way we work. The return of top quality natural grass HATKO HYBRID GRASS contributes to this. Of course, we didn’t go ice-skating overnight and read a lot about what kind of feet it has in the earth. With this choice we continue to build a foundation on which we can build further with the club in the coming years. “

A large project starts with the choice of natural grass. The main field in the Mandemakers Stadium will be replaced by a natural grass field, while the two training fields at the complex will also be redesigned. These will be changed into a natural grass field and HATKO HYBRID GRASS that will serve as permanent training fields from next season. The replacement of the artificial grass for natural grass in the Mandemakers Stadium starts immediately after the last official competition of this season. April 15, the training fields has been started.

Forming a connection in De Langstraat is the core value of the club. It is therefore fully in line with this vision to join forces with local entrepreneurs in this large-scale project. For example, contractor Van Wijlen Hatko’s Preferred Installer for Hybrid Systems from Sprang-Capelle is appointed as main contractor during this process. Vos Capelle also becomes the supplier of fertilizers and Bert van Loon Groentechniek from Waalwijk supplies the necessary machines.


Tradition to Innovation

Root Growth in end of February 2019 (Grass Seeded in Mid January 2019)

Karagümrük is one of the oldest towns in İstanbul and its football team has significant role in Turkish football History. The establishment of the club dates back to 1926 and its one of the first football clubs opened after Turkish Independence War.

The Club is the beginning point for some football legend such as “Baba Hakkı”. Hakkı Yeten had begun football in Karagümrük and become a Turkish football legend back in 1930’s.

The club had used Çukurbostan pitch after growing the club they moved to Vefa Stadium. After a long time waiting the clubs fans are really passionate about the opening. They can’t wait to see innovative Our Hybrid-grass on the pitch.


High Quality and Innovative Hatko Hybridgrass Turf

Vouliagmeni is one of Attica’s most popular place. It is located south of the Athens and has beautiful beaches. Vouliagmeni Municipality decided to improve their joy and chose to improve their football field with Hatko Hybridgrass.

Hybridgrass is a high quality product, is a perfect combination of Omega fibers and natural grass. It gives all the benefits of a natural grass and also gives the strength and durability of synthetic grass. Instillation of Hybrid grass is very complex process. First installation of high quality and Innovative Hatko Hybridgrass turf then, there is a process called ‘Vertidrain’ to plant the seeds.

  • At the end it will be the perfect combination called ‘Hybrid grass

More details; www.hatkosport.com/what-is-hybrid-grass/


Installation of Hybrid Grass

Main contractor Van Wijlen BV and Hatko Sport have completed their first HATKO HYBRID GRASS installations at the training pitches of RKVV Nederwetten and RKGSV Gerwen. Both clubs list approximately 400 playing members and have play their matches on two natural grass pitches. This created a lot of pressure on match planning and pitch quality during the season. Not only does the HATKO HYBRIDGRASS surface generate sufficient capacity for the club’s match planners. The contract also comprised of a complete reconstruction of the subbase including new drainage systems and automatic irrigation systems. Specialist contractor Van Wijlen did an outstanding job by completing the subbase works within a very limited time frame and under excellent conditions.

The HATKO HYBRIDGRASS playing surface was installed by specialists of both Van Wijlen and Hatko. The infill material has been specifically manufactured to exceed the quality standards that are used for natural grass pitches in the Netherlands.

Gerwen chose Hatko Hybridgrass

RKGSV Gerwen is a football association that is a balanced reflection of Gerwense community. RKGSV Gerwen was founded May 6, 1948. Including youth, women and men teams RKGSV Germen has 7 teams. The club have play their matches on natural grass pitches. This created a lot of pressure on match planning and pitch quality during the season.

HATKO HYBRID GRASS was selected by the municipality’s experts. After the grow in period for the natural grass the clubs will be able to start using their brand new pitches in October 2018, ready for intensive use during the winter period. Within the club they find fun in football important and pursue sporting ambitions.

More Details; www.hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass/


RKVV Nederwetten’s New Field

We have a new hybrıgrass Project in Nederwetten .RKVV Nederwetten has a friendly and close football association which founded in 1965. RVVV Nederwetten has women, senior and young teams.  Two years of investigations to find the best suitable systems, discussions with the clubs and preparations have now come to an end. RKVV decided HATKO Hybridgrass. High quality field gives them better way to play.

Bas Bongers, project manager, has been following the introduction of hybrid grass systems and is very happy with the new HATKO HYBRIDGRASS development.

The HYBRIDGRASS system exceeds the standard of products that we have recently witnessed in the market. This truly is a system that has been developed to enhance natural grass surfaces and does not restrict grass growth and in any shape of form”.

Playing and learning football helps young generations become a member of a group and feel accomplish when they try.

Gazişehir is coming!

Gazişehir is a football club in Gaziantep. Gazişehir Football club has decided to be the champion of Super Toto League and chosen this hashtag for 2018-2019 season. Gazişehir. They began with upgrading their football field with Hatko HybridgrassHybridgrass is recognized as a natural grass playing surface according to FIFA. For a club like Gazişehir, it is very important to have a great field. Hybridgrass is a perfect combination with natural turf and our high quality product Omega fibers. Hybridgrass provides to play 24/7 and almost all conditions.