Many regions are unsuitable for the growth of natural turf because of extreme climatic conditions, drought or heavy rains. The effort to keep public areas green all year round is one of the most important concerns for municipalities and places a serious economic burden on their shoulders. Investments into synthetic turf systems are rapidly increasing in landscaping especially among municipalities, provincial directorates, hotels and private customers.

This increase has doubtless been caused by the many factors already mentioned. However, the primary reason is tthe desire for year long green areas with low maintenance costs. HATKO landscaping product range offers customers the opportunity to benefit from green and smooth surfaces with low maintenance cost and time savings.

We have a large landscaping range from 15mm-45mm with sand-dressed, semi sand-dressed and non-infill products. Most of our landscaping projects are destined for public parks and gardens receiving the highest levels of pedestrian traffic. For this reason, UV resistance and carpet construction strength are very important for the lifespan of landscaping grass. HATKO is being chosen for the most important projects ever realized due its superior quality standard products.

  • Duocolor Monofilament Straight and Texturized Fibers
  • From 10.000 dtex to 14.000 dtex,
  • Exclusive Yarn For HATKO by TENCATE
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Innovative resilient Design
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy
  • Pile Height : 40mm
  • Dtex: 12.200 dtex
  • Stitch/m² : 16.800
  • Filaments/m² : 367.200
  • Colors: Straight :Field-Lime + Field-Jute / Field-Lime + Field-Jute