Top 20 Best Football Player in The World

The green fields have hosted many stars over the years, but some of them have made a difference and have become legends. Here are the top 20 players ever in football history.

Legendary footballers are like superheroes for many of us. They never grow old, they never die, and they never forget. Even if they quit football years ago, legendary players continue to admire. So we dived into the dusty shelves of football history, and among those legends, we have identified the names that will be on our list of the Top 20 Best Football Players of All Time.

20. Marco Van Basten

Top 20 Best Football Player in The World (5)

He is known for his finish, mastery, physics and of course his creative shots. Although he had said goodbye to football early at the age of 28 due to injury, Van Basten, who was remembered in the years he was active and called larda the best scorer in history den, was in the 20th of our list. We will remember the player, who is the direct counterpart of the definition of ple complete striker üyle, with the goal he scored in the USSR at Euro 88 and the secret still has not been solved.

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Position:
  • Effective years: 1981 – 1995
  • Tracks left: Ajax, Milan
  1. Sandro Mazzola

Top 20 Best Football Player in The World (4)

Sandro Mazzola, son of Valentino Mazzola, who died in a plane crash in legendary Turin in 1949, took the flag from his father and had a great career. Italian national team jersey to the three world cups, once the European championship in the Mazzola, only Inter shirt and sweaty midfielder took the lead.

  • Country: Italy
  • Position: Midfield
  • Effective years: 1960 – 1970
  • Tracks left: Inter
  1. Fabio Cannavaro


They don’t give Baller d’Or easily to a stopper bile Even this detail proves how unique Cannavaro is. The legend that did not win trophies on both the club and the country level was envisioned, especially in the 2006 World Cup, with Italy’s fight against Germany’s second goal (above). Today though the value is definite 200 million euros!

  • Country: Italy
  • Position: Stopper
  • Effective years: 1992 – 2011
  • Tracks left: Parma, Real Madrid, Juventus
  1. Eusebio

The Portuguese legend of Mozambique, who passed away in 2014, has scored more than 700 goals during his career. In the final of the European Champions Clubs Cup in 1962, Puskas, Di Stefano, resisted against Real Madrid alone and scored two goals in the match, which ended with a 5-3 win by Benfica. He was one of the best striker in history and deserves to be on this list.

  • Country: Portugal
  • Position: Center
  • Active years: 1957 – 1978
  • Tracks left: Benfica
  1. Lev Yashin

Gordon Banks said to him, “His style will be a role model for goalkeepers in the future.” Yashin’s fame and style of goalkeeper beyond his time have survived to the present day. At the World Cups, the best goalkeeper is awarded with his name. It is noticeable in the above video that he is a “different” keeper.

  • Country: USSR
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Active years: 1950 – 1970
  • Tracks left: Dynamo Moscow
  1. Giuseppe Meazza

He scored 31 goals in his first Serie A season when he was only 17 years old, and this record has never been broken. Meazza proved to be an extraordinary scorer by scoring 38 goals the following season. Scoring a goal despite his height of 1.69 was a simple thing for him. Although he did not lead a very professional life outside the field, he continued to shake the networks. Legendary scorer, at the same time Besiktas has the title of being the first foreign coach.

  • Country: Italy
  • Position: Center
  • Active years: 1927 – 1947
  • Teams left:
  1. Ronaldinho

Top 20 Best Football Player in The World (3)

His career, or rather the summit of football, may not have been as long as the time of the other super stars occupied, but it was still enough to make the eyes feast. One of the most pleasant players to watch, perhaps the first. The courage to confront him (as seen in the video above) was not easy even for the best footballers in the world. Even some defenders would stay away from him to avoid offensive strutting, Ronaldinho was such an actor.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: number 10, wing
  • Active years: 1998 – 2015
  • Teams that left their mark: PSG, Barcelona
  1. Garrincha

If “Best Supporting Player Oscar” was given based on football history, the prize would definitely go to Garrincha. In the years when Pele was active, he lived the golden age of Brazil by blowing like a storm on the right wing. Garrincha, who is one of the most different figures in the football world with his turmoil in his private life, still makes many say yok he doesn’t have any dribbles on him “.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: Wing
  • Active years: 1953 – 1972
  • Tracks left: Botafogo
  1. Arthur Zico

The nickname of “White Pele” is actually the biggest injustice that made him. Because, like Pele, Zico is one of the most unique talents in football history. With a close look at the score of 10, Zico was able to find a spectacular game. The video above gives a clue as to how different he is.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: Number 10
  • Active years: 1971 – 1994
  • Tracks left: Flamengo, Udinese
  1. Franz Beckenbauer

After the Libero art he presented to the football field, the expectations of the defenders would be different. Comes from the ball, throwing great passes, sometimes with excellent spin shots were hunting the goalkeeper. He was a footballer like Bayern Munich.

  • Country: West Germany
  • Position: Sweeper
  • Active years: 1965 – 1982
  • Tracks left: Bayern Munich
  1. George Best

During the time he played, the rules of football were lighter, the kicks were flying in the air, and the floors were not as rug-like as they are today. But George Best, with his weak physique and short leggings, knew how to play a football that left a taste on the palate. When you watch the video above, you can say, “Maradona Good, Pele Better, George Best!” You can join. When it comes to the famous footballers, the first name comes to mind.

  • Country: Northern Ireland
  • Position: Number 10
  • Active years: 1963 – 1984
  • Teams left: Manchester United
  1. Ferenc Puskas

A true legend football player who managed to score 511 goals in the Spanish League, the scorer’s dictionary money. He was short in stature, and seemed more overweight than a football player. But hard shots from his left foot could have destroyed a building. The best ever in Hungarian football, also the legend of Real Madrid.

  • Country: Hungary
  • Position: Santfor
  • Active years: 1943 – 1966
  • Tracks left: Honved, Real Madrid
  1. Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff, nicknamed “The Yellow Mouse”, raised all the trophies he could lift on his continent throughout his life as a footballer and coach. The only shortcoming of his career, the World Cup in 1974, approached the most but failed. It was the most valuable part of the Dutch national team, which gave football fans the pleasure of Total Football. Every major player has a signature move. The biggest signature Cruyff left in the world of football was the movement engraved in mind as “The Return of Cruyff”

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Position: Number 10, striker
  • Active years: 1964-1984
  • Tracks left: Ajax, Barcelona
  1. Zinedine Zidane


“He doesn’t come easy!” The value of the players, it is understood when they leave football. When they don’t really sound like them, it turns out how different values ​​they are. French legend Zinedine Zidane is one of them. Ball returns, balance, passing passes, dribbling … It was a real maestro, it was capable of changing the face of a team alone.

  • Country: France
  • Position: Number 10, Midfield
  • Active years: 1989 – 2006
  • Tracks left: Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid
  1. Alfredo Di Stéfano

Let’s talk about Di Stefano first to Pele. The Brazilian legend says for him: “The world’s best footballer is Real Madrid’s Alfredo Di Stefano. Diego Maradona has no head goals and can’t hit the ball with his right foot. However, Di Stefano is a complete player. therefore he is the greatest! ” As Pele says, Di Stefano is seen as one of the most complete, en stand-alone ”players in history. A star that left indelible marks on Real Madrid, where he wore his uniform between 1953-1964. The video above gives an idea about his class.

  • Country: Argentina
  • Position: Center
  • Active years: 1943 – 1966
  • Tracks left: Millonarios, Real Madrid

Ronaldo or Messi?

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo


Today is a player who will make football lovers living lucky. Cristiano Ronaldo, who turned into a real destroying scorer in the hands of Ferguson, was still very strong and strong as he was 33 years old. The best example of how a footballer can come to work by working … The Portuguese star deserves to be in the top 5 in the list of the best in history.

  • Country: Portugal
  • Position: Center, wing
  • Active years: 2002 –
  • Tracks left: Manchester United, Real Madrid
  1. Pele

Maybe it wasn’t possible to watch his matches outside of the World Cups when he was playing football. Perhaps many of his fans could not catch up with his active period and were fascinated only by the memories they listened to and the documentaries they watched. But there is one fact that Pele is the first legend every football lover ever heard. In football history, the 17-year-old World Cup in which he took the stage opened another curtain. How many players would be declared “national treasure diye so that they would not go beyond the borders of the country? Based on the period in which he played, we can convince him that he was a dream footballer.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: Center
  • Active years: 1956 – 1977
  • Tracks left: Santos
  1. Diego Armando Maradona


The fans of Boca Juniors wrote to the entrance of their stadiums: “Our religion is Boca, our temple is Bombonera, our God is Maradona”. Maradona has always been more than a football player. The ball was part of his body, making it easy to show everything. It is unforgettable for him to win the World Cup with Argentina and to win the championship with Napoli, which is much weaker than its rivals in the strongest league of the period, like Serie A, but comes to mind with England’s defense. But in the above video, there are 50 of the best moves and they all prove that he is a “weird” talent.

  • Country: Argentina
  • Position: Number 10
  • Active years: 1976 – 1997
  • Tracks left: Argentinos, Boca Juniors, Napoli
  1. Lionel Messi

Top 20 Best Football Player in The World (1)

For nearly 10 years, we have been asked the question “Ronaldo or Messi?.. Lionel Messi is sometimes referred to by Maradona in the discussion of who is the best in history in a more raucous voice. But let’s think calmly and put our hands in what is called a conscience. Lionel Messi is definitely the best. He has always been a very talented, intelligent, creative and highly influential player. For Zidane, we can underline the promise of “we will understand its value after many years” when it comes to Messi. Because he has made everything so normal that even the most ordinary goal scored can be a career goal for a football player. Years later, when no one like him comes, we will understand how lucky we are to remember Lionel Messi’s career from day to day.

  • Country: Argentina
  • Position: number 10, fake 9, striker
  • Active years: 2004 –
  • Teams left: Barcelona
  1. Ronaldo


The Barcelona administration asks Sir Bobby Robson: “Bobby, we’ll get the player you want. Don’t ever think about the difficulty of the transfer. Just tell me who you want!” Sir Robson chooses the 19-year-old Il Fenomeno Ronaldo among the many options …

In fact, although Ronaldo remained the “scorer larda in mind, he was one of the best footballers of all time, not only with his scoring skills, but also with his talent, playing intelligence and most importantly with the taste left by his audience. But would it have been the undisputed best in football history if there had been no disability in the Inter? For football fans of the next generation, the answer is “yes”. So is our answer, and that’s why we’re putting it at the top of the list! The video above makes him say “he’s a really unique talent.”

  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: Center
  • Active years: 1993 – 2011
  • Tracks left: PSV, Barcelona, ​​Inter, Real Madrid

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