What are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Astro Turf?

In our article is about astrotuf construction cost and we will analyze indoor carpet pitch costs and open carpet pitch costs. We will examine the main reasons that determine the cost of carpet construction, how we can make the most suitable field under the most reasonable conditions with the right information and equations during the carpet construction phase. As Hatko Sport, we produce the best artificial turf and make it installation to your facility.  The quality of artificial grass is so importand for a carpet pitch. It provides more quality game. And it is healtier than natural turf surfaces. Because the injuring risky is so low. Now let’s briefly talk about the characteristics of the grass carpet.

What are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Astro Turf (2)

Grass Carpet Features:

  • Compared with natural grass, it is advantageous to reduce the lubricity of the substances contained.
  • It is preferred to be resistant to work and abrasion.
  • It reduces the risk of injury to children when using nursery.
  • It is produced from products that do not require maintenance and are durable for years in areas you want to have aesthetic appearance.

This model, which is one of the grass turf and decorative grass products, is among our most preferred products. The product, which can be used in both interior and exterior decoration works, has its own characteristics as in every model.

Main Factors Determining Cost of Carpet Field

  1. Proximity or distance of raw material to production plants

Distance is one of the factors that affect the cost of carpet field construction. Production in the factory has serious advantages in terms of the side materials used. For example; given waste is reduced and production is done with net material. Since the manufacturing in the factory is made with a gas welding machine, it also achieves a significant success in terms of robustness. Production with gas welding machine will be more quality and robust than electrode welding. The savings obtained from carpet field manufacturing made in the factory environment will be reflected directly to the investor. Thus, high quality carpet field can be produced at an affordable price. In order to turn this situation into a gain, For the European region, it established a steel factory in Istanbul and minimized the transportation distance of the manufactured steel to the construction site.

  1. Position Distance:

The variables such as location, city and country where carpet pitches will be made are important issues in determining the cost of carpet pitches. Why is the city where the carpet field will be built? In response, it will be enough to remind the land prices. For example, land prices in large cities may vary up to ten times the land prices in other cities. The proximity of the land to residential areas / electricity, water, etc. even in subscription transactions.

  1. Material Used in Carpet Field Construction:

As can be expected, the materials used in the carpet field are very sensitive and important. The most important issue to be considered while determining the costs of carpet field construction; material is the cost. In our country, an average of 20 carpet fields collapse every year and become unusable for various reasons. At the stage of carpet field construction, investors can turn to cheaper cost production. However, if the costs of carpet construction are calculated, the prices of the materials used or should be used are the same everywhere.

Since synthetic grass raw material is imported from abroad, it is the same in almost all suppliers. When we examine them, it will be seen that carpet field cost is made in a very appropriate way, the necessary materials are not used and unfortunately the material is stolen. In order to avoid the above negativities, instead of inexpensive production, when making carpet field companies, it is necessary to make calculations to get cheap, clean and labor-free production with the necessary materials. Considering this situation, Hatko Sport shows the right invest with its feasibility presentation.

  1. Carpet Field Types:

One of the factors that will directly determine the costs of carpet pitches. There are two types of carpet production: indoor carpet and outdoor carpet. There is a cost difference of approximately 1/3 between these two carpet pitches. However; details such as tarpaulin covered carpet pitch, sheet covered carpet pitch, synthetic grass used directly affect the carpet pitch construction costs.

As can be seen, there are many factors affecting the cost of carpet pitch. You can choose the most suitable carpet pitch for your budget.  Our all artificial grass types is so quality. You can choose whatever you like. For this, Hatko Sport serves you 24/7. For more information, please contact us.

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