What are the Hybrid Grass Installation Methods?

The deepest innovation in the preparation of grass fields is the strengthening of natural grass with artificial fibers. This new application is a 100% natural grass reinforced with 20 million artificial fibers and is a design product injected by computer control machines. The first production of hybrid lawns emerged in the 1990s. In the first applications, as the grass roots grow, they are intertwined with a mixture of sand and synthetic grass and two main methods are applied to add these fibers to the root region. The first of these methods is subsequently a hybrid process, the second is a pre-hybrid process.

First Method

In the first method, the tufting machine injects the fibers into the grass and performs the hybridization process. This high technology creates a more durable field that provides up to 3 times the use of a regular turf. In the common hybrid method used in the English Premier League and European Football, a large portable sewing machine sews polypropylene (thermoplastic polymer) fibers 200 mm below the natural grass root zone to provide support to grow around natural grass roots.

This reinforcement to the root zone allows the athlete to produce a wide horizontal force with rapid running and direction changes without the negative influence of the ground. Above the ground, synthetic fibers are located just below the mowing height of the natural lawn, increasing durability and supporting natural lawn.

Second Method

In the second method, which is the pre-hybrid process, a mixture of synthetic fibers and sand is mixed with the plant and germinated in the nursery fields and then placed in the sports fields. This hybrid process is also called Fibresand method.

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How Hybrid Grass Methods Are Developed?

After investigations in the fields where these two hybrid turf methods were applied, it was observed that the athletes’ injuries were high and sand, which is the main component of the root area, was strengthened to reduce the injuries. Synthetic fibers and additional elements have been used to provide softness, which is necessary to make the field more reliable for sports.

Hybrid fields are composed of artificial and artificial grass combinations that strengthen the soil to increase the durability of the grass. Since this system is a new invention, soil, moisture content, drainage capacity, turf coverage, playability and durability factors have been examined primarily. In this study, as a result of observations and investigations made in cities with the same climate and region characteristics, natural and hybrid field grass applications were examined and after the investigations, the advantages of natural and hybrid grass fields compared to each other are shown below.

What Are The Differences Between Hybrid Grass And Natural Grass?

When the hybrid and natural grass applications in the study areas were examined, it was seen that the deformed sections in the hybrid areas renewed themselves more quickly and in a short time during the monthly maintenance periods.

Natural Grass Field;

  • Sub-floor layer is important.
  • Water holding capacity of soil is low
  • Construction costs are low.
  • Cost of maintenance is high.
  • Sustainability is short
  • Requires much maintenance after application.
  • Natural grass roots are more flexible under the ground.
  • The field surface deforms more quickly.
  • Renewal time is long.

Hybrid Grass Field;

  • Can be applied to different substrates.
  • Water holding capacity of the soil is high.
  • Construction costs are high.
  • Sustainability is long.
  • Low maintenance after application.
  • Natural grass roots are harder under the ground.
  • The field surface is less deformed.
  • Renewal time is short.
  • Produced from semi-natural, semi-artificial fibers.

As seen, the hybrid grass field is always more advantageous than the natural grass field. If we support the natural grass field with hybrid grass field, we will have longer lasting carpet fields. Therefore, it would make more sense to choose hybrid grass field which is a profitable investment. You can get more information by contacting the Hatko Sport among the leading companies in the world.

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