What is Artificial Lawn That Used in AstroTurf?

Compared to real lawns, artificial turf carpet is very popular today in terms of saving time, low cost, maintenance free and most importantly it can be used easily in many places. Because it is a system that is easy to use and easy to apply to the space, many companies have chosen artificial turf carpets and applied them to their space areas. Such as;

  • the mall,
  • sport centers,
  • carpet pitches / astroturf,
  • football fields,
  • cafeterias

In artificial turf surfaces the injury risk is so low. Because the slippery rate is so low in this surfaces. 

Artificial turf carpet is, as you know, artificial turf used in carpet pitches, especially amateur football. Artificial turf, invented and invented for the first time in 1964, was introduced to the market by two American researchers, Robert Wright and James Faria.

It was first introduced in 1966 for professional stadiums, and because of its stiffer structure than normal turf, it brought the risk of injury. In the USA, these lawns were suspended for a while and in England they were used in professional matches for a while in 1980, but when the same effects were observed, natural lawns were returned to them.

Because of the low cost of using artificial turf carpets, it was more preferred at first and there was no need for maintenance. But due to the hardness of the players due to injury to the clubs returned to the natural grass. The more gentle, but rather laborious, natural lawns were more suitable for professional players only. Of course, shoes have an effect on this.

What is The Artificial Grasss Which Used in AstroTurff

What are the Benefits of New Generation Artificial Grass

hatkosport.com/artificial-lawn/ which have become more popular and used in small pitches such as more carpet pitches in recent years, have been made more suitable for those who play here, and their harmony with the shoes they play has reduced the risk of injury. Therefore, artificial turf is now used only for small carpet pitch matches.

Artificial turf carpet is negatively affected by weather conditions. Due to its water permeability, it dries much faster than natural grass. Thus, there is no need to cancel and postpone the match. It provides the opportunity to play sports in a cleaner environment compared to natural grass.

Although the maintenance and construction of natural lawns is costly but laborious, many people prefer synthetic turf carpets which have been popular in recent years. These artificial lawns provide a beautiful exterior appearance as an alternative to natural lawns, and because of their low cost, their demand is high.

Synthetic turf carpets are generally used in sports facilities, but are very popular in cafes, restaurants, gardens or balconies, kindergartens, nurseries and hotels. These artificial lawns, which are as easy to lay as they were made, were invented in America in 1964 when it was first built and were first thought for sports fields, especially football. Later, with the help of advancing and developing time, there have been improvements in artificial turf with the help of technology. In this way, many alternatives, varieties and be used in a way that can be used in different areas and began to be developed.

What is Artificial Lawn That Used in AstroTurf

Artificial Lawn Widely Used in Sports Facilities

Artificial lawns, which are widely used in sports facilities, are particularly popular in facilities such as football, tennis and golf. Sports turf carpets have been used more and more in football facilities in recent years and because of their low cost, they are in demand.

It is used as a decor in places such as cafes, restaurants, main roads, hotels and similar places, including many sports fields, especially football, and is in demand for sports activities.

Not only because of its low cost, but also because of the fact that these maintenance-free sports turf carpets are artificial, they are in high demand and preferred. These artificial lawns, which are easy to make, have become indispensable for sports fans. Especially on weekends, a group of friends gathered to relieve work, school and other stresses and gather in sports facilities such as artificial turf and carpet pitches and enjoy football. Here, except for professional gear shoes, you can play with any type of shoes, you can run easily without the risk of injury.

There are many options such as decorative grass, artificial grass, duo grass as artificial grass alternatives used specially in sports facilities. The most preferred artificial lawns are decorative grass and artificial turf carpets. These artificial lawns used in sports facilities do not carry the risk of injury, so you can easily obtain quality companies and play football even in such places.

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