What is Hybrid Grass and Where is it Used?

As you know, the use of artificial turf is very common in sports fields. However, in recent years different alternatives have been considered for artificial turf. As a result of the researches, a new field floor was created with a mixture of artificial grass and natural grass. We call this type of ground hybrid grass. Hybrid grass is defined as a type of grass consisting of the combination of natural grass with synthetic fibers. Hybrid grass, also known as natural grass, is a hybrid grass that includes both natural and synthetic grass. Artificial turf, which we call synthetic, is stuck deep under the surface, so that natural grass roots are entangled in artificial grass. Thus, a more robust structure will be formed. This robustness will not allow the lawn to rise and the ground to deteriorate.

As Hatko Sport, we have many references and successes in the artificial turf sector in the world. We have built many sports fields all over the world and we continue to do so. Hybrid grass, which is the state-of-the-art technology, reaches you with Hatko quality. Now let’s examine the hybrid grass a little more.

Hybrid grass or reinforced natural grass is a hybrid grass that includes both natural grass and synthetic grass. Synthetic grasses are stuck deep under the surface, so that the natural grass roots are entangled in artificial grass. Thus, stronger root grass is obtained. The ground we see in the field deterioration and grass removal is not experienced. It is also very easy to transport. The grass can easily be raised and re-laid for events on the football field.

Hybrid turf characteristics;

  • Hybrid grass is a combination of nature and technology.
  • It is also considered a 100 percent natural grass.
  • Advantages are the quality of playing on natural grass ground,
  • Advantage of use during four seasons,
  • No grass breaks,
  • Preservation of grass roots,
  • Renew itself quickly,
  • No need for re-germination,
  • Easy transition to sports activities after events such as concerts

As we can sort the properties.

What is Hybrid Grass and Where is it Used (1)

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Grass?

  • Provides play quality on natural grass ground.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It has the advantage of being used in 4 seasons.
  • Up to 3-4 times more play than standard natural grass pitch.
  • Thanks to strong roots, no grass breaks are seen.
  • Self-renewal speed is high.
  • Prevents image loss of clubs.
  • Always provides a green and balanced field without sludge deposits and grass breaks.
  • Provides additional income opportunity by providing activity in the fields.
  • Reduces maintenance times and costs, thus ensuring the fastest return on investment.
  • Hybrid grass installation is so easy.

Hybrid turf is a great advantage due to the closed and sun-free architecture of the newly designed stadiums. Indoor stadiums implemented by clubs, especially those who do not want to be affected by weather opposition, are among the places where hybrid turf application is frequently seen.

Hybrid turf is one of the most preferred methods due to the design of the new generation stadiums which minimizes the weather conditions. Due to the lack of air flow and sunlight, natural lawns that wear out very easily also bring many maintenance costs. Reconstruction, repair, modification and maintenance need is becoming more and more preferred due to the shortening of the time. Hybrid grass has been developed for strengthening natural grass. The hybrid grass system reinforces natural grass areas with artificial grass fibers and builds technically perfect areas. This allows multifunctional use of stadiums and offers extra income to clubs.

As we have seen, the hybrid grass floor formed by combining artificial grass with natural grass has recently become popular all over the world. As Hatko Sport, we can cover your field with hybrid grass and make you a profitable investment. For more information please contact us

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