Which Purposes The Carpet Field Used For ?

Nowadays, sports on artificial grass are constantly increasing. This means that the need for carpet pitches ( astroturf) will increase day by day. Therefore, better quality and beautiful carpet pitches need to be made. Carpet pitches are made in accordance with various purposes. The area where the carpet area will be constructed should be determined well, the width of the area where the carpet area will be installed should be accurately measured. The survey engineer or topographer determines the area where the site will be built. As Hatko Sport, we have a highly experienced and expert team in carpet field construction and installation. After all the infrastructure works with our expert team, we make our high quality and durable artificial grass carpet field. The artificial turf model you want to use is up to you. Many sports can be done on artificial turf. Football, handball, baseball, paintball are just a few of these sports.

  • After the location of the carpet field is determined, the field application is performed first.
  • Field application by the survey engineer should be optimally positioned.
  • If the position of the perimeter walls is perpendicular to each other, it is suitable for making a carpet field.
  • Then the excavation starts. Excavation should be done properly.
  • At this point, the determined elevations are taken into account when leveling the ground with the help of construction machinery.
  • Excavation level is planned during application to reach the specified limits.
  • Drainage channels for the inside of the site are excavated with the help of construction machinery.
  • Thus, the foundations of the field are laid.

Whatever the job, the basis of that job should be solid. The rest of a job with a solid foundation proceeds firmly. So we have to do our job right from the beginning. As Hatko Sport, we have a lot of referenced carpet fields all over the world. Regularly maintained and cleaned carpet pitches can be used for at least 10 years without any damage.

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What Are the Carpet Field Construction Technical Informations ?

The construction of the concrete wall is carried out by taking into account the elevations and corner piles set during the application around the area designated for field construction in the land. Thus, the perimeter wall of the field is thrown. This wall and carpet area also undertakes the task of separating the other area. The next step is drainage. During the excavation drainage channels are placed on the carpet field. Since the drainage pipes are perforated, it is ensured that water does not accumulate in the carpet area in rainy weather conditions. Drainage channels for a carpet pitch are therefore quite important. If water accumulates on the carpet, the game is deprived of pleasure. Therefore, the likelihood of disability increases. This is undesirable by anyone.

Large 15 cm stone fill is poured over the drainage channels and the site. Subsequently, it is supported with fine crushing filler.

Then, a successful top layer filling is made to create smoothness on the field surface. The name of this process is known as gauging. After the gauging process, a cylindrical field surface with an average weight of 1 ton is placed in between without damaging the surface of the field. The field floor is completed with these operations. The artificial turf used here is quite important. The main material of your field is artificial turf. If the artificial turf is of poor quality, all operations are wasted. Therefore, you should work with companies that never compromise on quality. Hatko Sport is a confident and reliable company. After the grass carpet is laid, the process of making the area around the field is started.

The field is separated from other areas by wire fence. The materials that can be used in this process are steel mesh or PVC coated sweat mesh which is affordable.

Then, field lighting systems are installed. The field is covered with artificial grass. If you want to put a network on the upper side of the field is made and the nets with the back of the castle is completed.

How to Determine the Cost of Carpet Field Construction?

A large number of materials are needed for carpet field construction. When the carpet pitches are made in different varieties, the materials used differ. Thus, costs vary according to the field to be made. Small carpet fields such as open carpet pitch, net mesh pitch, carpet pitch covered with sweat mesh can be made as well as grass carpet pitches are made in both small and large sizes.

Carpet pitch is completed from one month to one and a half months. Artificial lawn carpets, which are called artificial turf, are still used in field construction and are one of the materials that directly affect the costs. Hatko’s Artificial turf is available in many models, sizes and prices.

As can be seen, artificial turf carpet pitches can be used in a multi-purpose way. For further information please contact Hatko Sport.

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