Which Type of Surfaces Can be Used When Doing Indoor Sports?

Indoor sports, called indoor sports, cover many different fields such as gymnastics, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Salon sports, which are preferred for keeping the mind and body fit and having a pleasant time are among the most useful activities. Those who have not yet started a salon sport can take the first step for a healthy life as soon as possible by selecting the appropriate branch for their abilities. Because sports are very important for health. Sports is an activity that we have to do to have a healthy body. As Hatko Sport, we produce many kinds of floor for indoor sports halls. Indoor sports should be performed on solid and durable surfaces. You can only achieve this by working with quality companies.

As Hatko Sport, we are working to produce the best quality sports floors for you. We produce outdoor and indoor sports grounds using the highest quality materials. We use artificial grass and hybrid grass which are our own special production for outdoor sports fields. We use a floor type called Purlon for indoor sports halls.

Now let’s first examine the indoor sports.

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What are the Types of Indoor Sports?

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball played between two teams of 6 people in accordance with certain rules is one of the sports that is beneficial for both socializing and body development. This game, which is very active and enjoyable, makes you feel psychologically good while working certain muscles of the body. In volleyball, dunking is the leading movement that works most muscles. The muscles of the lower and upper extremities work at the same time with dunking.

In volleyball, the rectus abdominis muscles are called abdominal muscles, and in the jump movements, muscles called anterior tibialis between the ankle and knee cap are activated. Volleyball is a sport that develops the muscles of the body without placing any strain on the spine. In volleyball, the ball hitting movements are mostly movements that strengthen and strengthen the chest muscles. Volleyball is an ideal sport for team-lovers and is played on parquet floor in an indoor hall. It is necessary to have suitable form, shorts and sneakers for this sport which teaches to control the body.

  1. Handball

Handball is a sport that has established itself in recent years and has reached a certain audience. This game is played with a total of 14 people, including 7 people in 1 team. Like handball, handball is a hand-held game. It gives biomotoric abilities such as durability, speed, skill, body flexibility and jump. Posture disorders are prevented with this sport which gives flexibility. Body muscles become stronger and erect. Both hand and upper muscles work intensively from handball. Lower limb with running, jumping and jumping movements; The upper extremity is activated by movements such as hold-push, block, goal throw.

The size of the ball in handball also varies according to age groups. He played handball as the ball thrown into the castle by hand, in Turkey, both of the preferred sports often in the world. In general, while strength and speed to the body; The athlete who is constantly in motion also develops his arm and leg muscles.

  1. Gymnastics

Gymnastics, where athletes develop their muscles using their own body weights, is a sport that runs almost all muscles. It includes a number of rhythmic movements to keep the body fit, enhance and strengthen. It increases the flexibility of the body, especially when starting at a young age. It prevents the development of posture disorders in later ages. In adults, it provides a more upright and flexible body. This provides movement advantage in many sports.

The most working and strengthening muscle group in gymnastics is the arm and chest muscles. Gymnastics, which improves the balance and coordination power of the body, is also a sport that psychologically relieves. The mind only focuses on keeping the body in balance, which distracts negative thoughts from the mind. Flexibility and muscle density stand out in gymnastics, while the upper part of the body is more active and active in ring gymnastics. Professional gymnasts prefer one-piece swimwear. The two-piece gymnastics clothing consists of a pair of sports tights and a t-shirt. They are more suitable for daily gymnastics.

  1. Table Tennis

Table tennis, which improves physical and motoric properties, is one of the most frequently used hall sports. This game, which improves reaction speed, concentration, timing and balance functions, is a sport that people of all ages can play and reach. Playing on a rectangular hard, flat and green or blue table requires fast and agile play. There is a net in the middle of the table and the game is continued by allowing the hollow ball made of celluloid material to pass over this net.

The most commonly used muscles of table tennis are arm and trunk muscles. While developing table tennis wrists and arms, the hind leg muscles are also strengthened as it is a standing game. Table tennis works both the mind to make the right decision and the body for the right strokes. This ensures a harmonious coordination between the brain and the body.

  1. Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports the Turks have been dealing with. It is basically a sport that demands power, technique and intelligence. Anaerobic power is very important in wrestling, which is both a defense and an offensive sport. It is a short-lasting sport that requires intense strength and effort. One of the most critical skills in wrestling is flexibility. The athlete’s body is flexible and makes the techniques he needs more comfortable. Wrestling activates and strengthens all the muscles of the body, including the upper and lower parts by improving anaerobic capacity. This game played on a cushion has its own rules.

Long nails and beard are included in the prohibitions list for those who want to do this sport. Metal accessories and lubricating oils that can cause injury are also prohibited. In this sport, the aim is to put both rivals on the mat so that it touches the ground. The wrestling costume is designed for this sport. In this sport, all muscles are strengthened because the whole body is actively working. It regulates the cardiovascular system and prevents cardiovascular diseases. As it is a high-calorie sport, it accelerates fat burning.

We can add a lot of sports to these sports. Futsal, basketball, handball and volleyball are especially important for indoor sports. With our product called Purlon, you can play quality games on a very high quality ground. For more information about our Purlon product, please visit our website and contact us.

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