Hatko introduces a brand new R&D product

a new innovation

ECHA has called for a total ban on plastic infill. If the EU adopts this ban, all synthetic turf systems will either be non-infill systems or systems that use natural infills. The low density of natural infills causes the infill to float if the turf system has poor drainage.

HATKO BIO GREEN is designed with a special fusion technology that uses no coating. This allows fast and even drainage through the whole backing. In contrast, regular Latex or PU backed sytems only allow slow drainage through drainage holes.

While the high water permeability of BIO GREEN prevents the migration of infills, the low water permeability of Latex and PU backed systems causes the natural infills to float.

Special coating technology fuses the tufts to the backing creating a strong tuftlock. This strong tuftlock guarantees surface performance and durability under intensive use.

*FIFA Requirement 40N

As more synthetic pitches are renewed every year, how to recycle carpets and infill materials when their use expires has become a serious issue.

HATKO has solved this problem with Eco Drain system. HATKO BIO GREEN, with its high drainage capacity, makes eco-friendly natural infills viable and preferable. The special backing system without coating such as latex or polyurethane allows 100% recycling. 

Added Benefits

  • No drainage holes
  • No infill leakage
  • No thatch growing
  • Soft yet stable backing 
  • Easy installation
  • Lighter Carpet 
  • Easy handling

Ideal with All Natural Infills

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