HATKO launches plug and play CAGEBALL system

Cageball is a sport invented by the football coach Jörg Berger, seeking a way to play football  despite bad winter conditions.

It is similar to traditional indoor football, although with some changes: as the name implies, one plays in a cage. Due to the enclosed environment, the game is faster and more dynamic, and putting greater emphasis on football technique.

Cageball is played on artificial turf. The playing field is usually 24x15 metres, but can vary somewhat due to hall constraints. The entire field is surrounded by a one-metre-high wall, out of which extends a net for a further four metres upwards. This way, the ball is always in play, obsoleting all out-of-bound rules. Usually, a Cageball team consists of three field players and a goalkeeper, the latter which can also assume a "flying" role.

As HATKO, we have launched our very own plug and play Cageball system, which includes everything you need to convert your indoor space into a mini football field in just 5 days.

Cageball Field Features

Our HATKO Cageball system can be adapted for multisport and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use since all components are weather resistant. The HATKO Cageball system is very flexible; the size and specifications can be customized to your needs. We use high quality HATKO non-infill grass system to ensure a natural look as well as durability and a stable playing surface that require minimal maintenance.

If you are looking for a mobile field, by using shockpads with velcro joints, the field can be dismantled and reinstalled anytime. For a permanent field, Aircell foam type shockpads are used.

As part of the system we also offer, projectors, score boards and equipment lockers as accessories.

For more information and a custom quotation please contact us.