Références Mondiales Pour Le Gazon Hybrid

BEST OF TWO Worlds: HYBRID GRASS also known as HYBRID GRASS. Basically Hybrid Grass is the combination of Synthetic Grass and Natural Grass or in other words it is the Reinforced Natural grass with the combination of artificial grass fibers. Hybrid turf is the ideal marriage of Nature and Technology, According to FIFA Hybrid Grass is accepted as Natural and it is accepted as “Reinforced Grass”

The advantages of Hybrid turf can be listed as;

Benefits of Better Playability For The Players

  • Playable 24/7 under almost all conditions. Better playing Characteristics even under wet conditions, less slippery playing surface
  • Uniform and level playing surface, even in high wear areas and goal boxes. No Divots, No uneven Surfaces
  • Always green surface, even when natural grass has worn out.
  • Optimum parameters on player-surface interaction (friction, rotational resistance, underfoot stability, shear strength, drainage properties).
  • Reduced Risk of playing surface related injuries.
  • Train and play on the same surface. No Need to reserve the main pitch for the matches only. Familiarity with the Main pitch provided by training on the main pitch gives the players advantage over their competitors