Looking After Artificial Grass in Winter

As you know, artificial grass is preferred for many reasons. The most important of these reasons is that it is easy and inexpensive to maintain in winter. Compared with natural turf, the no maintenance cost of artificial turf has. Because artificial grass does not wear in winter like natural grass. In addition, as mentioned in our previous articles, drainage channels are built under the artificial turf floor and in this way, water accumulation on the lawn is prevented.

This is the reason why natural grass is easily worn. When the soil is combined with water, it becomes muddy and becomes an unfavorable ground. However, in artificial turf, there is no soil, so there is no mud and there is no indented protrusion like natural grass. This has two very important benefits. These;

  • Suitable for use in artificial turf sports fields or gardens covered with artificial turf landscapes in winter
  • No maintenance costs

For both investment and personal purposes, the lack of extra costs of artificial turf will prevent the budget deficit from occurring and provide you with profitable returns.

In addition, weeds do not grow on artificial grass and this is very important for your health. Traps that may occur on natural grass are not on artificial grass. And as you know, sports on artificial turf is safer than sports on natural turf.

The most important reason for using artificial turf in sports fields is security. As you know, artificial turf sports fields are very safe because they are made with FIFA approved artificial turf. FIFA approved artificial turf is a kind of floor that provides the safety of athletes with reduced lubricity and offers a visual feast for viewers.

Today we will tell you how to looking after the artificial turf during the winter months. Let’s examine it together.

During Heavy Rain

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As you know, when there is heavy rainfall, floods or overflow can occur. There is an important situation that you should know only here. During the installation of artificial turf drainage channels need to be built professionally. Otherwise, if there is heavy rainfall after an amateur installation, your artificial turf ground may be damaged and there may be a puddle.

As Hatko Sport, we are one of the world’s best artificial turf manufacturers and manufacturers of artificial turf installations. We recommend that if you are going to buy artificial grass, you should work with professional and good companies. Feedback of artificial turf that you have made with a poor quality workmanship in order to get a little cheap will cost you.

That’s why you can trust Hatko Sport and work with us. Our company, which has many references worldwide, will be proud to work with you. We have many signatures under large and small projects. We have many references in the world and you can reach our reference information by reviewing our website.

Yes, as you can see, if you want to prevent damage to your artificial turf during heavy rainfall, make sure that the drainage channels are properly installed. This will allow you to get a nice feedback.

Snow and Frost

How about my artificial lawn during the winter

Today, with global warming, snow does not rain as before. This is, of course, a sad situation for the natural cycle. But of course it will snow and frost. You should know how this will affect your artificial turf.

But you shouldn’t worry. Because the rupture of natural grass is not experienced on artificial turf. Natural grass freezes and breaks when it snows. In this case, the floor is ruined. However, there is absolutely no frost on the artificial turf ground. Artificial grass surfaces do not break and wear out when it snows in winter.

But there is a point to be aware of. When the frost occurs, the artificial grass becomes slippery and you should pay attention. Of course, there is a solution to avoid this situation. First of all, let’s talk about the method used in professional sports fields.

As you all know, professional football fields have heating systems under the floor. In this way, when it snows in winter, thanks to the heating systems, the snow melts without freezing and is thrown out together with the drainage channels.

But don’t be too hasty to clean up the snow on the artificial grass landscape in your home’s garden. If you do not need to use the garden urgently, please wait for the snow to melt naturally.

Warning: But if you do not want to wait a little salt with the help of abdominal melting can facilitate. Never use a hard material or chemical solvent to remove snow.

Weatherproof Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is produced to against bad weather conditions. In any season, artificial turf is definitely more durable than natural turf. For example, in summer, natural grass burns and dries under the influence of heat. However, artificial turf does not burn even if not watered. Because it is resistant to sunlight. If artificial turf is cooled slightly with water during the summer, this will suffice.

If you want your artificial turf to be more durable in bad weather, the simplest solution is to use canvas. Thanks to the tarpaulin, snow does not accumulate on frost.


As you can see, looking after artificial grass has no extra cost to you. If you only work with professional and expert artificial turf manufacturers, you will have no problems. Hatko Sport will provide you with the highest quality service. For more information, please contact us. 

Here is the more information about maintenance. You can look for details. hatkosport.com/maintenance