New Generation Artificial Turf Usage Increases

Artificial grass, which has replaced the real grass in the last 10 years, has maintained its robustness on the first day for many years. Natural grass; synthetic grass carpets are preferred for reasons such as irrigation costs, maintenance costs, time spent and most importantly the failure to obtain the desired result. In addition to these, the visual beauty and ease of use it has given to the place has been effective in bringing synthetic grass carpet to the forefront. Synthetic grass, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, is applied in order to give the playing conditions on the natural grass ground exactly and it is sold by Hatko Sport.

Another purpose of synthetic turf is that it is exactly the same as natural turf characteristics. The matches of FIFA tournaments are played in synthetic turf. FIFA approved and certified artificial turf is produced by Hatko Sport and offered to you all over the world. New generation synthetic lawns can be used for many years if they are cared for and this period is much higher than natural grass. This provides a great advantage especially for carpet field investors.

  • The benefit of synthetic grass is that it is much cheaper than natural grass.
  • Saving money and time on the maintenance of natural grass provides us with great convenience.
  • The life of synthetic turf is about 10 years if regularly maintained.

Imagine a field that requires very little expense, performs better in all weather conditions than natural grass and has a life span of about 10 years. Since the water permeability of synthetic turf fields is very high, there is no accumulation of water on the ground. In addition, FIFA has confirmed the benefits of synthetic turf, and now qualifying matches of FIFA tournaments are usually held on synthetic turf.

New Generation Artificial Grass Usage Increases Every Day (2)

New Generation Artificial Grass Usage Increases Every Day

The Raw Material of Artificial Turf Carpet is Petrolium!

Artificial Turf Carpet is a product formed by combining the synthetic fibers, which are petroleum products, and combining them on felt base at certain intervals. Grass carpet is a product of developing material science together with constantly developing technology. Grass carpet is produced in desired lengths and widths and has the ability to be brought to your desired dimensions with special cutting machines. Grass carpet is produced in 5 – 5,5 and 6 cm thickness according to the needs and design.

It is a field cover having less slippery with the excess friction coefficients of the filamentous structures it contains in terms of grass carpet properties. This field cover has designs that facilitate movements and enable more free movements. The desired size turf carpet, which combines each of the highly abrasion-resistant synthetic turf from Hatko Sport quality, is also low-cost petroleum products that require less sand than other natural turf.

  • Synthetic turf is produced with Hatko quality and assurance. This is very important in order not to affect the performance of athletes.
  • Artificial turf provides athletes more movement with its lubricity reducing effect. It is a natural product with suitable designs for sports.
  • Synthetic grass is a natural oil product that requires less sand, is more resistant to abrasion and does not lose its originality for 10 years.
  • They are healthy structures consisting of 100% polyethylene which does not adversely affect the bouncing norm of artificial grass ball and is compatible with sports intelligence and awareness.
  • Synthetic turf is an environmentally friendly product with a more beautiful appearance and compatible with nature with aesthetic features.

Produced with Hatko experience and presented to Turkish and world sports with its assembly on site; are robust structures that are not affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow or frost. In addition, it is not possible for Ultraviolet (UV) rays to discolor, melt or disrupt the structure.

Synthetic turf produced with Hatko Sport technology and craftsmanship is a long-lasting sports complex with low operating and maintenance costs, which is cheaper than natural turf. We can distrubute everywhere in the world as a manufacturer of artificial turf. Hatko is the nearest artificial grass constructor to you in all over the world.

As you can see, artificial grass is a kind of sports ground that is increasing every day in the world. As Hatko Sport, we are proud to serve such a growing and developing industry. If you want to invest in artificial turf and you want to learn more, please contact us.

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