Reinforced Natural Grass: Hybrid Grass

Hybrid turf grass system is the reinforced natural grass system with artificial grass fibers. However, in the world where everything has developed and changed, hybrid grass technology has been revealed by considering alternatives to artificial turf ground. Hybrid turf system is produced by with the latest generation of technology. At this point, we have given the answer to the question of where to buy hybrid grass.

  • Hatko Sport is a company with many references that have proven itself in the grass industry for nearly 30 years.
  • It has achieved many successes by building football pitch all over the world.

Nowadays, the closed architecture of the stadiums leads to the deterioration of the ground much more easily due to the insufficient air flow and the adverse conditions caused by insufficient sunlight. Hybrid turf system has been developed for the strengthening of natural grass due to the shortening of the times of reconstruction, repair, modification and maintenance. The hybrid turf system reinforced natural grass areas with artificial turf fibers and builds technically perfect areas. This allows multi-functional use of stadium grounds and offers extra income to clubs. Areas covered with hybrid grass can be used for many years of peace of mind because they do not wear out easily. Hybrid turf have been preferred by many football clubs in recent years, providing a strong turf system by combining with natural grass structure.

what is hybrid grass pitch

  • The number of hybrid grass pitch used in the world and Turkey is increasing every day.

Hatko Sport is Turkey’s leader Hybrid grass manufacturer company. While creating natural grass roots, it provides strong durability thanks to the injection of artificial grass at a depth of 20 cm. The field, 95% of which is made of natural grass, offers a combination of durability and performance comfort. That’s why it’s fun to play on a hybrid surfaces field.

  • Because the risk of injury is very low.

Since the ground is produced by mixing with artificial turf, its slippery appearance is considerably reduced. There is little risk of injury on the ground that does not slip easily. In this way, professional or amateur club players can adapt themselves to their games more easily. Because they’re not afraid to get hurt.

The vertically injected synthetic fibers are also a great support for drainage. Due to its abrasion resistance, it reduces the cost of treatment and care and provides a continuous healthy and prestigious field.

What grass is best for soccer field?

what is hybrid grass pitch

Football is a sport played all over the world. Football must be done on the right ground because it is a tough sport. Players must feel safe when doing this sport. In the past, natural grass was used in football pitch. However, the natural turf, which was difficult to maintain and control, was replaced by artificial grass after a while. Artificial grass, on the other hand, has become the most widely used football ground in today’s soccer fields.

But in recent years, as in every sector, there have been developments in the grass sector. Artificial turf has recently been replaced by hybrid grass. Hybrid grass is a kind of soil obtained by mixing natural grass with artificial grass. Hybrid grass, which reflects both the softness of natural grass and the professional structure of artificial grass, means reinforced natural grass. The grass used in recent years and known as the best grass for soccer fields is hybrid grass.

When we look at today, there is an interest in football. This sport, which is in great demand in terms of sporting activity, increases the use of natural grass surfaces. Different maintenance stages are needed due to factors such as deformation of natural grass soils, slow development, substrate texture, drainage, natural factors, weeds, insects. For these reasons, alternative ground suggestions which are suitable for sports on grass fields, which can remain on the ground for a longer time and are more durable have been developed.

Scientific and academic researches have revealed artificial turf and hybrid turf applications as an alternative to natural grass., the raw material of which is petroleum, is formed by the weaving of yarns consisting of rubber granular filled material.

Hybrid grass is a mixture of artificial grass and natural fibers. Even if artificial turf is an alternative to natural turf areas, players have been criticized for wear due to fall on these surfaces, temperature measured during summer and bad rubber odor, and could not withstand high usage levels of public sports grounds and stadiums. As a result of long-term tests, it has been determined that hybrid turf systems respond to these problems in terms of differentiation properties of artificial fibers and reinforcers. Hybrid Grass contains both natural and synthetic turf. Synthetic turf, which we call synthetic, provides natural grass roots to be tucked into the artificial grass by being stuck under the surface. Hybrid grass is the grassmaster of grass familia.

Advantages of Hybrid Turf Grass Field

  • Hybrid turf grass field provides play quality on natural grass ground.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It has the advantage of being used in 4 seasons.
  • Up to 3-4 times more play than standard natural grass pitch.
  • Thanks to strong roots, no grass breaks are seen.
  • Self-renewal speed is high.
  • Prevents image loss of clubs.
  • Always provides a green and balanced field without sludge deposits and grass breaks.
  • Provides additional income opportunity by providing activity in the fields.
  • Reduces maintenance times and costs, thus ensuring the fastest return on investment.
  • is so easy.

Hybrid turf playing surface is a great advantage due to the closed and sun-free architecture of the newly designed stadiums. Indoor stadiums implemented by clubs, especially those who do not want to be affected by weather opposition, are among the places where hybrid turf application is frequently seen.

what is hybrid grass pitch

Hybrid turf is one of the most preferred methods due to the design of the new generation stadiums which minimizes the weather conditions. Due to the lack of air flow and sunlight, natural lawns that wear out very easily also bring many maintenance costs. Reconstruction, repair, modification and maintenance need is becoming more and more preferred due to the shortening of the time. Hybrid grass has been developed for strengthening natural grass. The hybrid grass system reinforces natural grass areas with artificial grass fibers and builds technically perfect areas. This allows multifunctional use of stadiums and offers extra income to clubs.

  • Hybrid grass pitch cost is so low.

As you can see, is even more popular than artificial turf lately. Contact Hatko Sport for more information. As Hatko Sport, we have many references and successes in the artificial turf sector in the world. We have built many sports fields all over the world and we continue to do so. Hybrid grass, which is the state-of-the-art technology, reaches you with Hatko quality.

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