Stages of Artificial Turf Carpet Pitch Installation

Today, football is a sport that is very popular. Therefore, the field on which the ball is played should also be beautiful and high quality. There are many steps to be followed when making artificial turf carpet pitch. If these stages are followed carefully and carefully, very good works emerge. Hatko Sport has been installing artificial turf carpet pitches in sports sector for nearly 30 years. With the experience of 30 years and always with the understanding of renewing itself always goes forward. We have so many references in the world. We work to provide you the opportunity to do sports in a more reliable and quality field. Now let’s examine the installation steps of artificial turf carpet field together.

Artificial Turf Carpet Field Installation Steps

  1. Preparation of the Project

For the carpet field, first of all, the project should be prepared in 3D and then the permission must be obtained by applying to the related municipality with the project. Although the license requirements of the municipalities regarding the carpet field are different, the following documents are generally requested in the application:

  • 2 photos (no photo required if company is in business)
  • Copy of ID Card and Residence Certificate
  • Criminal Record Document
  • Any document that you are registered with the Social Security Institution
  • Operator Identification Document (photocopy)
  • Signatory Circular and Trade Registry Gazette (photocopy)
  • Tax Plate (photocopy)
  • Room Activity Certificate and Room Registration Certificate (photocopy)
  • Deed and Building Use Permit (photocopy)
  • Lease Agreement (to be made with the owner (s) mentioned in the title deed (original or notarized copy) (if the workplace is rented)
  • Sketch of the workplace (should be drawn by an authorized person, it must have length dimensions, total of m², stamp and signature of the drawing person)
  • Fire Brigade Compliance Report
  • ASAT Workplace Opening License Opinion Document
  • Turkey Football Federation of Football Field Recording Registry
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Turkey Football Federation
  • Security Cameras and Recording System must be available. (700 TVL IR LED outdoor camera or 1080 HP HD outdoor camera)
  • Carpet Field Management m² is not required.
  1. Infrastructure
  • In case of permission from the municipality, the infrastructure of the carpet field should be prepared first.
  • The area is first corrected with construction machines and concrete casting is performed.
  • The amount of concrete required for the soil to be intact should be determined by the engineers after soil inspection.
  1. Installation of Iron Construction

After the preparation of the carpet area, iron construction is installed. The length of the iron must be at least 6 meters. In general, these irons are painted green. With color you have the freedom to choose the color you want. In closed carpet fields, canvas laying is also carried out to iron construction.

  1. Wire Mesh

Wire is braided on iron. Network installation is performed on the ceiling. The fence should not seriously obstruct the visibility and must not impede the passage of the ball.

  1. Lighting

Lighting in carpet pitches is very important. Although there are many alternatives, it is generally recommended to use LED floodlights. Led lights cost a lot but usually pay for itself in 2 years.

Stages of Artificial Turf Carpet Pitch Installation

Artificial Turf is the Most Important Material of Carpet Field

  1. Artificial Turf

The most important part of the carpet pitches is artificial grass. You have hundreds of alternatives for artificial turf. However, we generally recommend artificial turf made from monofilament yarn of 55mm thickness. You will not change artificial turf very often, so do not approach the cheapest models. The quality of artificial turf means that the sport to be performed on will be performed in a safer environment. Hatko Sport has many references all over the world.

  1. Social Facility

There is also a social facility in carpet fields. There should be dressing rooms, washbasins, bathrooms, a small cafe, administration and optional areas. This is important for people coming to the resort to spend time in a more comfortable environment.

  1. Landscaping

If the carpet is a bit far from the city, you will need a serious parking space. It is also important that the area around the carpet looks stylish and green. There should be no mud and all areas need to be covered with parquet.

As you can see, the artificial grass carpet field installation stages are long and challenging. As Hatko Sport, we are proud of doing our job in the best way. We are using FIFA approved turf. There are many carpet pitches that we do around the world. You can review them on our website. For more information, please contact us.

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