Synthetic Grass Carpet Types


40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm Synthetic Lawn Carpet Pitch, 60mm Professional Artificial Lawn Models


  • Straight Fibrillated Synthetic Grass Carpet Field 50mm


  • Synthetic Grass Carpet Field 55mm Fibrillated


  • Duo Monofilament Synthetic Grass 55mm 60mm


  • Spine Monofilament Artificial Grass 55mm 60mm


  • Zebra Fibrillated Artificial Grass Carpet 50mm 55mm


  • Straight Mono Synthetic Grass FIFA 60mm


  • Spine Football Artificial Turf 60mm


  • Non-fill Sports Artificial Grass Carpet


  • Decorative Synthetic Grass Carpet


Decorative artificial grass is a very practical product used for landscaping. It can be used in various landscaping projects such as balconies, gardens, showcases, showrooms, studios and even wall covering. We supply decorative synthetic grass carpet products as dealers. 

What are the advantages of artificial grass against natural grass?




Does not require mowing, does not require continuous watering, saves water, does not contain insects, snakes and pests, no disinfection required, nature friendly because it is suitable for recycling, requires very little maintenance.

All of our football grass carpet models we use in football carpet field construction are listed below. We use 3G Turf, i.e. 3rd Generation Artificial Grass Carpet on all football carpet fields. 

Artificial grass Excellence Pro 360

So what is this 3G Grass Carpet Field?

Hybrid grass carpetwas first produced in America in the year 1960. AstroTurf first found the artificial turf carpet. The first models produced date back to the 1st generation.

It was an unhealthy production that caused swift wear, slippage and injury. In the following years, the 2nd Generation Artificial Grass carpet was released, only sand filled and SBR granules or rubber materials were placed in this model. But, its performance was not enough.

3G Turf production is introduces as the 3rd generation. Carpet Field Construction and Carpet Field Cost Carpet Field Artificial Turf Prices 3rd Generation Artificial Grass Carpet Field is the first name of special carpet types produced for football with 55mm-60mm pile length consisting of first layer of silica sand and second layer with SBR or EPDM granule filling. Its application is as follows; on the gravel filler, felt or shock pad is laid, then the synthetic grass is laid for the carpet field, the carpet is filled with an average of 30kg/m² silica sand and finally the average 8kg/m² sbr granule is applied.

Please call us for “the prices of Artificial Grass Carpet Field “. The prices of carpet artificial grass varies according to the model selected, carpet height, Dtex and weight.

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