The History of Sports Competitions The Most Comedic Events

In the city of St. Louis in 1904, the marathon in the men’s category of the summer Olympics of the summer brought together a number of different possibilities that could possibly take place in a competition. Let’s examine this marathon, which turns into a surreal event or even a cartoon. The Olympics, which took place in the summer of 1904, also had its first Olympic title outside of Europe. The marathon would normally be held in the morning but was taken at noon with the last-minute plan change.A total of 32 athletes from four different countries (Cuba, England, Greece, USA) participated in the marathon on 30 August, the weather was between 32-35 degrees, although the starting and finishing lines were at the stadium, the rest of the 40 km-long runway was in dusty soil and the center of the runway freight trains, cars and pedestrians were passing through, and official escort vehicles were smuggling competitors. The only source for drinking water was a park on the road.


Only 14 of 32 marathonists were able to finish the race as a result of bad organization and impropriety.

In addition, only 4 of the runners were professional marathon players, the rest were either mid-distance athletes or ordinary runners. Thomas Hitch, now this is the official winner of the race, how beautiful we call it, right? This is not the case, man would die as we know. This element is starting to run, it goes well because he is a professional marathon player, but now he is thirsty to death, he has only one source of water. to give the intention of doping to win the race. (The first doping use in modern Olympics). Gariban, I beg you, give me a meal, now he says to his coaches, but the men have given him a mixture of cognac and poison. They took him by the hand and forced him to continue the race. In the last 30 meters, Hitch begins to hallucinate and see two finish lines. When the coaches who saw Fred pass by before Hitch were going to end up in a bad condition, Fred heard that he was disqualified. At first, the committee was hesitant to do so, but then they were exposed to this push. Between the beginning and the end of the race, Hitch lost 3.5 pounds and stayed in the hospital for a few days.

Andarin Carvajal


Andarin Carvajal, I am very sorry to read this man. Dear Andarin is normally a postman of the Cuban state. However, in Cuba, he participated in the advertising conditions and from there he was earning money. Carvajal, who first reached New Orleans, lost all of his money in a gambling game. So he walks from New Orleans to St Louis. There are only 1-2 hours before the Olympics start, and Carvajal doesn’t even have more sports clothing. Someone comes up with a pair of scissors, which cuts your pants into shorts and runs in a suit Although it starts to run well, it is both extremely hot and dusty, and for 40 days, a peach-like group of peaches eats on the right with the effect of not eating anything. But cruel audiences will not mock Carvajal’s corrupt English. And while he’s on his way, he finds an apple tree on the edge. The unfortunate bedouin Carvajal came out of the koskoca tree with a moldy rotten apple. Despite this, it did not last, pain, running time, the race to finish the race.


William Garcia

William Garcia,This is perhaps the man who has suffered the worst in this marathon and negligence.

Because William would have lost his life if it had interfered a little later. As long as the weather is not hot enough, William ‘s escort vehicles in front of the leaning earth were removed by removing dust from the earth, so much buoyant sand and dust that breathed, inhaled particles irritated both the trachea and began to create cramps in his stomach by passing through the esophagus. At the end of the internal bleeding and organ injuries began to stack on the side of the road, but when the dust smoke from each side of the health teams, he saw a relatively long time after they fainted. William stayed in the hospital for more than a week to fully recover.

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