The important Factor We Should Be Careful When We Construct An Astroturf

You can construct the artificial grass whereever you want. It can be in a city center or itt can be near to the city center. the transportation to the astroturf should be easy and the route of the field should be accessible. So the location is important. Good location means that more satistfacted customers. Because after the match the players will be tired and they want to go hotel or home quickly. that is the reason of accesibility importance. If you choose to construct your astroturf in a location with high customer potentil, your area will increase its profitability.

  1. We should be careful about the measures of astroturf. The size of the astroturf should be in ideal size which is 25×45 – 27×48 – 30×50.
  2. If you choose the indoor astroturf you can use your facility in all the weather conditions.
  3. Your astroturf field can be rented or purchased. But if you are rent the astroturf field, the land should be in long terms.
  4. Your astroturf should have cafeteria and it should be big and you should keep clean in it.
  5. Since the astroturfs are generally immovable, the facility should be well established and the social facilities should be designed to be suitable for other sports and should be designed as environments where people will spend time with their families, increase diversity and provide them.  These factors is so important for customer satisfaction.
  6. İn your servis area, there should be a big place fort he players to take shower and it will be tiled up to the ceiling.
  7. In the shower there should be shampoo and shower gel.
  8. After the shower there should be hair dryers for the players to dry their hair.
  9. You should be drawn your project and prepare it before the astroturf is constructed.
  10. The astroturf should have enough space for bulk and generator.
  11. During the football matches it can be small injuries and you need to prepare the necessery emergency help team ready.
  12. While you are installing the astro turf, you should be careful the iron sizes and concrete sizes.
  13. In ındoor astro turf areas the lights should be put in the center of the field and in outdoor astro turf areas lights should be put to the sides. There should not be any missing spots.
  14. The side and roof nets of the carpet area must be sturdy and be sharp enough to allow the ball to touch the walls and ceiling.
  15. The secure of nets should be firm and it should have 50×50 spaces. The nets should be supported by stell wires.
  16. On the ground at least 25 cm crushed stone should be used. The number 4 crushed stone used should be crushed by a 40-ton cyclinder.
  17. During the ground construction number 1 crushed stone should be gauged and elevated to zer oto the astro turf. One of the most important trick is that the surface’s glabrous.
  18. If you want to play a game in the summer, you must be built air conditioning system into the field. This system also useful for sprinkler system fort he astro turf.
  19. You should be built the scoreboard system into your astro turf.
  20. The syntethic grass which will be laid on the astro tuf, should have a high quality and should be certificated by FIFA and TSE. (Turkish Standards Instutiton) ıplaying football in high qualitu syntethic turf is more reliable and more funny. Choosing a higgh qualiy syntethic turf could be increases the costs, although it will give you chance to attract more customers and at the end you will be earn more profit.
  21. You must be pay attention about the sand and SGR granule filling. The sand should be poured with 30 kg / m2 and the SBR granule should be poured as 8-9kg / m2. If the filling is poured without a machine, the floor becomes unstable and causes injury.
  22. The top of the carpet area should be at least 1100 dtex 650 g and stretched.
  23. If necessary, services should be provided.
  24. In the restourant you must have rich menü for the customers funny themselves while spending time with their families and it will be a turning into a more profiable astruturf area.

What We Must Do After The Installation Of The Artificial Turf 

  1. The syntethic turf of the field should be brushed at least 1 or 2 times in a week.
  2. You should add SBR granules to the astroturf areas when the balance of surfaces is change.
  3. To protect from injuries and ball bursts, the nails of the wires must be covered with carpets.
  4. Syntethic turf should be watered once or twice a week with sprinklers. Syntethic lawns will be better to water than recommended in the summer.
  5. You should be careful of the cleaning the astro turf field. You should clean the dirty materials from your astroturfs such as gum, crust and gravel.
  6. The shower and toilets of the astroturf should be cleaned with detergent until they are kept clean and with a fragrance smell. Dressing rooms should be ventilated to prevent bad smell. The astroturf area must be hygienic and cleaned after each match.

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