The World’s Biggest Football Fields

There are many people in the world who have a passion for football. After a while, this passion brings about addiction and fanaticism. People end up supporting the team or the team they play and their ideology. The team with which the team and the enemy are in competition and the team becomes the enemy and defends his team. If we say a passion for football, not only to play but also to watch in a beautiful field brings the same passion. A nice field to play and watching the football match in that field gives a separate taste and excitement. We need both technically and visually beautiful areas. Making a football field is not easy. Especially if we want to make a big and professional field ground lighting from the ground floor and the audience should be considered and designed to sit in the seats. It is very difficult for every football team to have such large and costly football fields. The three elders have their own football pitches, but the other teams need a large budget to do so.

  • Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Turkey,
  • Sukru Saracoglu, has a large football field, such as
  • Vodafone Arena.

These fields were formed under the leadership of Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, and Beşiktaş. Speaking of which Turkey is also a big field let’s look at the biggest football field in the world.


3- SOCCER CITYT the grass fields that hosted these gigantic encounters for many years were just as legendary as the teams. Football stadiums, which the fans see as the house they spend most of their time there, host the excitement of hundreds of thousands of tourists, and every year tourists are flocked. Rungrado May Day stadium in North Korea is the world’s largest stadium. Rungrado 1 May Stadium in Pyongyang capital of the capital, with a capacity of 150 thousand people, the lip is flying; 150 thousand people …

Encounter at the time of the match you always imagine an anthem football anthem; That would be a great feeling. The roof of the stadium resembles a sea shell and has 16 annular arches and looks like a magnolia flower. Rungrado May Day has a main football field of 22 thousand 500 square meters. Stat, rather than football, is a favorite area in big shows; the pleasure of watching a gigantic show is another. Another world’s largest stadium is Salt Lake in India. The multi-purpose stadium in West Bengal, India is the second largest stadium in the world.

The host, which hosts many clubs at the same time, has a capacity of 120 thousand people. Although it does not match the scene of a museum, people want to visit the architecture. It also has the capacity to evacuate safely to every spectator, not to a single person, in every section of the stadium; it is obvious that it was built with very good mathematics. 120 thousand people were considered separately. It is a nice experience for football lovers. The third largest stadium in the world is Soccer City. Stat, defined as the intersection of African cultures, has a unique structure. The stat in Johannesburg has a capacity to accommodate 94 thousand 700 people. Soccer’s 15 thousand parking spaces, 2 thousand 451 people press stands, 300 people capacity restaurant and more award-winning stadium with awards.