What is Artificial Grass?

Synthetic grass produced for the being an alternative to natural grass.
In terms of basic features, view and using conditions both of the product are in same value.

Syntethic grass, (artificial grass) produced because of the natural grass’s boundary of use. But the first generation of artificial carpet was not appropriate for playing a football. From this reason, the first generation artificial grass carpets professional or international level football competitions were not allowed to lay on the field.

Synthetic grass – artificial grass carpets made of polyethylene thread presented to the sector and with this, the artificial grass ( syntethic grass ) started the use in regular masures football field. With the decision of FIFA, with the football season of 2004-2005, including all UEFA-level matches, the football stadium approved synthetic grass-artificial grass and all official and international competitions were played on synthetic grass-artificial grass covered fields.

Today, the tendency of syntethic grass is increasing every day,  and as well as the sportive purposes, the decorative usage is also incerased. The reason of this the syntethic grass carpet is more advantagable from natural grass.

Artificial and Syntethic Grass Carpets uses for lots of areas not only spor field. For example ;  we can say ‘’ keep of the grass ‘’ wording was stayj in the history.

The Raw Material Of Artifical Grass İs Petrolium

In recent years, synthetic grass – artificial grass carpet is one of the most demanding products. The demand for artificial grass – synthetic grass carpet has increased due to reasons such as maintenance costs of natural lawns, irrigation costs, time spent and, most importantly, not always getting the desired results.

Besides of these, The visual beauty and ease of use given to the space caused these products to come to the fore.

The syntethic grass which is produced for being an alternative a natural grass, it is applied to the market in order to create the same interactions on the natural grass. One the purposes of syntethic grass is for natural grass, so the properties are almost the same. The qualifying matches of FIFA tournaments all over the world are made on artificial grass.

You will see that a astroturf made with artificial grass is much cheaper compared to a field made with natural grass. In addition to saving time and money spent on maintenance of the astroturf, artificial grass carpet field provide much more game time than natural grass field. It also performs more than natural grass in all weather conditions. So it is more quality.

The life of artificial grass carpet will be so much years if you are make the maintenance of field properly. Syntethic grass produced for being an alternative to natural grass. In terms of basic features, view and using conditions both of the product is in same value.

The Superior Features Of Grass Carpet

  • It is less slippery.
  • Design and application for increasing moving possibility.
  • Durability for abrasion.
  • Less sand usage
  • The ground appropriation and the norm of bounce the ball
  • The application for less risk of injury.
  • Durability to sunlights
  • Aesthetic view

There are two factor for the natural grass deformation. The weather conditions and over use!

In extereme cold and extereme hot weather syntethic grass shows a very high durability. The overuse is fray to natural grass quickly. You can not use the natural grass more than 2-3 hours in a day. When you use often it creates some problems. But the syntethic grass has not  these problems.

When we compare to the natural grass it has %100 advantages. In the raining weather the field with natural grasses is not used if it is not required. Professional clubs that come to the hotel in order to do camping may not have the opportunity to use natural grass from time to time due to weather conditions. On the other hand you can also use the syntethic grass whether the air conditions is not well. You can use it in rainy and snowy conditions. There will not be water accumulation. Because the process of drenage is constructed.

After the drainage infrastructure is adhered, the synthetic grass does not accumulate water. It has a water drawing feature which is more advantageous than water holding feature in natural grass. Although it has different colors, it retains its color for a long time with the contribution of UV light in the synthetic grass yarn.

Especially in recent years the football field’s ground is turning to artificial grass. Artificial grass needs less requirement when we compare to the naturall grass and even if the rain is so much the structure does not deteriorate. But the artificial grass ground is more straight and hard when we compare to the natural grass so the injury is more happening in the syntethic grass. In general, artificial grass and natural grass can be evaluated in these titles:

Sportsman condition performance: In the bad weather conditions, in the natural grass you are spending more effort but in the artificial grass the grass does not affected by bad weather conditions.

Football Technic: Because of the artificial grass is artificial the every centemeters of the grass is has same height. Naturally, there are not protrusion and collapse in the surface. In natural grass, there may be different heights in the different area of the field.

Performance of ball :  In this title there are not much difference between them. Only when the ball touches the ground, the speed increases on the natural grass.

Artificial Grass According to FIFA Standards

Injuiry risk: In artificial grass the muscle injuiry is more than natural grass. The reason of this, the under part of the natural grass is composed of soft soil and the artificial grass is composed of flat ground. Artificial grass on the ground hard to the ground or hard in the under part of the foot or body is not enough to stretch because it can be dangerous. The reasons of more injuiry happened in astroturf is it.

Cost and maintenance: When we look at from this side, the artificial grass is more advantages. You can use the artificial grass 10 years. 1 or 2 people can do it normal maintenance easily.