What Kind of Floor Used in Paintball Sport?

In recent years, outdoor sports have become very popular and have become popular sports. People’s interest in outdoor sports is that these kinds of sports are out of the ordinary and combine factors such as adventure, excitement and fear. Paintball, which is among the outdoor sports with these features, has managed to enter among the most performed sports. Of course, when you play sports paintball is quite important. The floor must be designed to suit the sport. Artificial turf floors are produced for this purpose. Hatko Sport manufactures artificial turf floors for playing sports (football, baseball, hockey, etc.) in a better environment. Hatko Sport manufactures 4 special floors for paintball sport. These;

Artificial Grass Floor Sports

• Performa
• Multisport
• Nonfiil

Now let’s look at where Paintball sport first appeared.

History of the Paintball

• When we look at the emergence of Paintball sport, we are facing the United States.
• Paint guns, which are the basic objects of sports, were first used in America to mark the trees to be cut.
• The production date of these pistols is 1972. This play came out in the late 1970’s when Charles Gaines and Hayes Noel were joked among themselves for entertainment.
• In the 1980s, paintball started to gain a commercial structure by being monopolized by two people. In these years, for this game, professionally called ”Splatmaster” spray guns were produced. These guns were released by Bob Gunsey and now the Paintball is now known as a sport.

In the first years of the game, the game was played very hard. The actors exhibited their skills in the wild, reflecting their survival skills. The main materials of the game were only compass and map. As a rule, a very clear rule was set. In the rule, each player exhibits all his abilities and only one team survives.
Paintball game paint capsules and throwing these capsules in the form of air-style weapons, two teams and has a designated area and the right strategy and skill to win a single team wins. The guns are fired, the paint capsules are thrown and the capsules explode at the moment of contact with the opponent, and the player is eliminated from the game. In a basic sense, this sport is played.

The game is a strategy and war game, combined with the human intelligence and strategy of the guns that put the paint capsule on the hands, pushing the limits of excitement and fear. The soldiers talk their skills and the flag of the opposing team is captured. The paintball, which is indispensable for enthusiast, has been spreading to the world quite rapidly since its emergence and is always popular in the countries it plays. Almost all around the world, this outdoor game has a lot of organizations in various countries around the world. These organizations are large enough to be expressed in hundreds. The national and international Paintball Federations are one of the clearest evidence of how important and popular sports this sport is. And the international Paintball tournaments provided by these federations offer the opportunity to show themselves to players who have adopted this sport.
This sport, which is very popular worldwide, is mainly played in countries such as USA, France, England, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Panama and Argentina.

As you can see, paintball is a fun and enjoyable sport. However, as with any sport, if the measure is not taken, injuries may occur. Therefore, the ground of the sport is very important.

As Hatko Sport, we manufacture paintball artificial grass floors for our valued customers to play sports in a safer environment. If you would like to know more about our artificial lawn floors, please contact us.