When Carpet Field Grass is Renewed?

Artificial turf applications are widely used today. Artificial turf, especially used in football field, prolongs the service life of football fields. Compared to natural turf, artificial turf is a very profitable investment. Because artificial turf floor installation does not cost much. Irrigation, fertilization, such as you will get rid of a lot of extra costs. As Hatko Sport, we are among the leading companies in the artificial grass sector and we build artificial turf carpet pitches all over the world. When carpet field grass is renewed the question is given to you in this article.

The ground of the pitch takes shape in the first months following the installation. So applying a regular artificial grass brushing program in the early periods will help to achieve a better playing ground. So the quality of the game is directly proportional to the regular maintenance of the carpet pitch. The continuation of the use of the site even after the warranty period is largely dependent on regular maintenance. If you want to use your carpet field for a long time, you have to take care of it completely. More than half of all carpet pitches are changed, not due to wear of artificial turf fibers, but due to problems caused by overdue maintenance.

  • The maintenance order of the carpet field varies according to the frequency of use of the field to be maintained.
  • This maintenance should be carried out every 3-4 weeks in normal use areas and every 1-2 weeks in intensive use areas.
  • In this maintenance, the leaves, glass pieces, cigarette butts, branches, stones and chewing gum are removed from the field.

Carpet pitches are exposed to dust by nature because they are usually in open areas. The powders therefore penetrate into the synthetic lawn over time. In order to prevent this and maintain the softness and flexibility of the field surface, it must be brushed at regular intervals. You can also do this with a garden brush (hard plastic wire), which you can easily find at a store selling building materials. As an alternative for larger and professional level artificial turf fields, you can easily do this with our motorized brushing machines.

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How to Use Shoes in Carpet Fields?

All athletes who will be active on the field should use sports shoes that are produced in accordance with synthetic turf fields. Especially crampons can damage the artificial turf carpet pitch. Synthetic turf should not do sports with metal studded spikes or similar sneakers that may damage the carpet or the field should not be used in this way. Women’s shoes with pointed heels are still not suitable for synthetic grass surfaces. It is objectionable to use this type of shoes on the field surface.

The operator also rejects some of the granules on the surface to remove snow and other foreign materials falling onto the field surface. In this case, the SBR should immediately add as much granule as the amount of SBR granulated. Otherwise the product will be out of warranty. The granular material is very important for stable and regular standing of the carpet floor. Therefore, you should make sure that the granular material of your site is not reduced.


Hatko Sport is constantly striving to provide first-class artificial turf systems. We are committed to keeping the life of these systems at the highest level. Artificial turf products deteriorate over time, but a carefully constructed artificial turf ground can be used for many years along with regular maintenance. If you use the artificial turf floor for many years, you will make more profit from your investment.

Artificial Turf Ground Care Is Easier Than Natural Grass

Maintaining an artificial turf system is much easier than a natural lawn. However, studies show that regular maintenance is an important factor in extending the life of your area.

Our maintenance program will ensure that your artificial turf pitch provides players with constant comfort and safety. Regular testing of the properties of your land provides important data and ensures that your site complies with the guidelines of the sport’s governing body or its local standards. As Hatko Sport, we are proud to give you the best service with our maintenance department. For more information, please contact us.

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