Performa Grass is a reinterpretation of the fibrillated systems with its new polymers, yarn colors and shades. This system was formerly designed for the professional systems. Thorough its time it served the best for the pitches. As the technology developed and every thing changed there is one thing stays the same. Durability of the Performa, it is a bench mark for the turf systems. The new color shades bring a fresh retouch, the best infill capsulation performance and the durability gives this system a new serving area for the community pitches and 5 a side mini soccer pitches.

  • Fibrillated fibers
  • 11.000 and 8.800 dtex, 100 micron thickness
  • Excellent coverage
  • 5.000 hours UVA resistance
  • Certificat de Qaulité
  • Haute résistance aux UV
  • Ecologique
  • Usage Amateur/Communautaire
  • Doux Pour la Peau
  • Haute Durabilité

Performa sans
Couche de Souplesse

  • Hauteur de Fil 40/55 mm
  • Dtex 8.880/6
  • Micron 100
  • Epaisseur 1.5 mm
  • Brins 1 filaments