Hatko Omega Turf is the selected playing surface for Namangan City Stadium

Yosh Kuch stadium in Namangan city in Uzbekistan was inaugurated on March 6th. Hatko Omega Turf has been selected as the playing surface for the stadium which has been built jointly by the the Football Association of Uzbekistan and the Asian Football Confederation.

The opening ceremony was attended by the governor of Namangan region Khairullo Bozarov, First Deputy Minister of Physical Culture and Sports, UFA First Vice-President Ravshan Irmatov, head coach of the national team of Uzbekistan Vadim Abramov, captain Odil Ahmedov and representatives of the football community.

At the opening ceremony, the governor of Namangan region Khairullo Bozarov praised the work done by the UFA to increase the popularity of football in the country, to improve the existing infrastructure in the regions. The stadium will be hosting group stage matched of the Asian U-19 Championship in October.

After the ceremony, the first match was played on the newly built site. In the a team of famous players of the recent past competed against the young players of the Namangan Regional School of Football Skills.

Hatko Engineers in R&D have spent hundreds of technical hours on examining the natural turf systems and cloned all the benefits of the Natural Turf Blades into our new patented system Omega Turf. On the best Natural Turf Fields the turf blades have a concave structure, but it is not durable for long playing hours. Hatko engineers reengineered the natural turf blades to create our new patented turf blade profile OMEGA.