RKVV Nederwetten’s New Field

We have a new hybrıgrass Project in Nederwetten .RKVV Nederwetten has a friendly and close football association which founded in 1965. RVVV Nederwetten has women, senior and young teams.  Two years of investigations to find the best suitable systems, discussions with the clubs and preparations have now come to an end. RKVV decided HATKO Hybridgrass. High quality field gives them better way to play.

Bas Bongers, project manager, has been following the introduction of hybrid grass systems and is very happy with the new HATKO HYBRIDGRASS development.

The HYBRIDGRASS system exceeds the standard of products that we have recently witnessed in the market. This truly is a system that has been developed to enhance natural grass surfaces and does not restrict grass growth and in any shape of form”.

Playing and learning football helps young generations become a member of a group and feel accomplish when they try.