Tashkent International School chooses HATKO Trinidad Non-Infill System

The prestigious Tashkent American School, has chosen HATKO artificial turf for its 5000m2 sports field. The sports field has been constructed with the TRINIDAD Non-Infill Turf System to provide the best solution for the school.
The non-infill system is ideal for school sports fields since the schools would like to avoid children putting the rubber granules in their mouths.Short pile height artificial grass with a high stitch rate has been used for this non-infill system with a prefabricated shock pad. Some silica sand has also been applied to provide added stability.
HATKO engineers have built an innovative approach to non-infill:“We don't just tuft, we craft the quality and intelligently design high-performance non-filled sport systems “. The combination of the curly and straight monofilament with our state of the art Two-Pile-Height TuftingTechnology provides playing characteristics and quality that closely replicate the performance of natural turf pitches.
ArtificialTurf Systems are generally low maintenance systems. Non-infill systems require even less time and simple maintenance. This makes the TRINIDAD Non-Infill system even more suitable for schools.
You can watch the video below, to get the full insight into the installation of this system.