What Are The Most Different Match Score in Football History?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. For a football lover it is not the league where the match is played, but the good game on the field and the result achieved. The same applies to football, as it is meaningless to eat a salt-free meal. A match without a goal will not taste. The fans always want their teams to stand up with different results from the field. When a different score is mentioned, three or five or more of the same results come to mind. Only 10 goals and over results of the Super League giants who face amateur teams in pre-season preparation matches are considered as very different results. However, throughout the history of football so green field results that you will have difficulty to believe when you learn. As Hatko Sport, we have compiled the most different match scores. Now let’s examine it together.

Football history in the matches, the referee of the footballers angry at their own goals scored 149-0 goals in the match and the other match ended 31-0 Madagascar League.

Although football matches generally result in close scores, there were also interesting results in world football history. In 2002, in a fight in the League of Madagascar As Adema, Olympique De L’Emyrne team 149-0 by defeating the history of football had passed. The reason for the score in this match played in 2002 is quite interesting.

Here are the most amazing scores in football history;

  • AS Adema 149-0 Olympique de L’Emyrne

The Stade Olympique De L’Emyrne (SOE) players developed a different reaction to the offensive whistles played by the referees in the play-offs, and scored 149 goals in their own goal. Thus, the most different outcome of professional football history has emerged. It also entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The reason for the score;

In the other play-off match played by the two teams before that, SOE was 2-1 ahead of Adema, but in the last minutes of the match, the referee gave a controversial penalty in favor of Adema. As the result of the penalty ended with a goal 2-2, Adema almost declared his championship early. Thus, SOE’s hope to move the championship to the last play-off match was finished.

  • Vanuatu 46-0 Micronesia

The most defeated team in a national match, the title of the team belongs to Micronesia. ‘Heartbreaking’ Micronesia, who defeated Tahiti 38-0 before the 46-0 defeat, was defeated 30-0 to Fiji just 2 days before 38-0. What a week.

The player who scored the most goals in a national match belongs to Jean Kaltack with 16 goals.

  • Australia 31-0 American Samoa

In the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, Australia and the American Samoa National Team met on April 11, 2001 at Australia’s Coffs Harbor Stadium. Australia won the match 31-0. Australia’s scorer Archie Thompson scored 13 goals. The number of goals scored mixed in the score. At the end of the match, the stadium scoreboard was written 32-0 and Thompson scored 14 goals. However, after the control by officials Thompson’s goal number 13 and the match result was determined to be 31-0. After the match, FIFA’s official referee and observers reported that according to official statistics, the match ended 31-0 and Thompson scored 13 of the goals.

The highlights of the match;

  • Archie Thompson scored 13 goals.
  • American Samoa 15-year-old 2 football players on the field.
  • American Samoa was able to shoot only 1 shot to the opposing goal during the match.

What Are The Most Different Match Score İn Football History (2)

13 – 0 Ending Match Managed By Turkish Referee Selcuk Develi

  • San Marino 0-13 Germany

In 2006, San Marino won the European Championship qualification. Lukas Podolski scored 4 goals in the match Germany left the field 13-0 victory.

The highlights of the match;

  • San Marino was able to reach -55 average at the end of his 12 qualifiers.
  • Lukas Podolski has scored 4 goals.
  • With a population of 31,000 people, San Marino is 2,500 times smaller than Germany.
  • Nevertheless, 5000 fans from the match, this micro-country has proved how much loved football.
  • Lehmann wanted to use the German-won penalty when the fight was 12-0, but San Marino players did not allow it.
  • The referee of the game was Selçuk Dereli.

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