What is Jogging Sport and Where it Be Done?

Many factors such as stressful work life, livelihood anxiety, and still life style cause fatigue of both our body and soul. Adding unhealthy foods to it, the situation can become even more annoying. However, in order not to affect these factors negatively to human life, people are more inclined to do sports and they have started to make sports a part of their lives.

In recent years, with the awareness of healthy living all over the world, healthy eating and various sports activities have become widespread. Jogging exercises have been added to sports activities such as jogging, pilates and swimming in the rapidly spreading indoor and outdoor areas. Jogging is a sport that runs with comfortable steps in order to be healthy, to provide physical movement and to get rid of tension.

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Jogging exercises that can be performed by any person, women, men, young and old people are not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease and blood pressure problems. Jogging, which is a brisk sports, is not suitable for pregnant women. Jogging, which is very effective in strengthening the body and fast slimming, is one of the most enjoyable sports activities.

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What Should Be Considered While Doing Jogging?

Jogging can be described as walking fast and at the same pace or running slowly, comfortably. While jogging, the arms should be kept in line and hands should be punched. When walking, you are moving with great steps. In jogging, walking is very fast and with small steps.

Jogging is very common because it can be done in any environment. This easy-to-learn sport will be addictive from the very beginning. You’ve seen people walking early in the morning and after dinner. Jogging is the name of this sport, which is done with fast steps between walking and running.

Since jogging, which is widely used in our country in recent years, is an outdoors sport, it is usually done by the sea, in forests and in large parks with walking paths.

People who decide to do jogging should first get breathable, sweat-resistant clothing made of cotton fabrics. When doing this paced sport, the shoes used must be flexible.

Before starting jogging, the body should be warmed by walking, then the pace of the walking is increased and jogging is started as fast as continuous running with small steps. Jogging distance should be increased gradually. People who start jogging at very large distances can experience joint retention and become unable to step.

When done regularly for two weeks, the body will get used to it and start running very comfortably. This sport, which seems easy, requires quite a lot of effort. Cooling exercises should be done at the end of jogging.

As with any sport, when taking jogging, fluid intake should be considered. Mineral water can be preferred because it is a brisk sport. This sport, which is not recommended for people with a heart condition, should not be used in very hot weather.

Jogging with animals like cats, dogs is not recommended. Animals, in walking and jogging, will take care of the environment, causing the tempo to drop after a while. The sport, taking a break, causes loss of effort and sweat to cool down in the body.

If you are in a city, you can contribute to your body’s health by running at a light pace in the streets or parking spaces. Experts list the benefits of jogging as follows;

What are the Benefits of Jogging?

  • This sport burns calories very fast, provides fast weight loss. Regular 30-minute jogging burns about 300 calories.
  • If you continue this sport without a break, you can lose approximately 1 kilo per week.
  • Jogging for an hour without a break is equivalent to approximately 2.5 hours of cycling.
  • Outdoors, seaside, park and forest, this sport is ideal for getting rid of stress environment. Those who do not like to do sports alone, friends and wives can do jogging together.
  • People who do this sport regularly become addicted after a while. By diluting the blood, reducing the risk of heart attack, jogging creates resistance in the body against severe diseases such as cancer.
  • Insulin hormone in the balance by keeping the happiness hormone serotonin secretion provides.
  • As with any sport, it is recommended to eat a light diet (dried fruits and bananas) and drink about 2 liters of water and mineral water before starting to jogging.
  • Jogging, also known as warm-up exercise, helps to lose weight very quickly and strengthen the bone system if performed regularly.
  • It is good for heart and lung health.
  • Lowers cholesterol in the blood.
  • Allows you to have a more regular and comfortable sleep.
  • Light exercise before starting to run is of great importance in terms of accelerating fat burning.
  • The production of macrophages and lymphocytes that fight infections in the body increases during exercise. Therefore, it provides protection against many infectious diseases and infections.
  • Reduces stress, makes one feel more calm and free of unnecessary thoughts. As in every sports branch, the person is loaded with positive energy during jogging. When done regularly, you realize that you have unintentionally made positive contributions to your life.
  • Provides skin to get more oxygen and accelerate blood flow. In this way, it delays aging.
  • Makes the immune system more resistant.

As you can see, jogging is a very healthy sport. If you want to do sports on the right ground, contact Hatko Sport.

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