Why Grass Carpet is Important for Football Fields?

There are many ways to make football fun. The most important thing is to choose the sports floor correctly. Sports ground is the most important factor affecting the quality of a game. Because if a quality ground is not chosen, sports can become a disaster. For example, sports made on natural grass are no longer preferred. Because natural grass is not very conducive to sports. The risk of injury to natural grass is very high. Because natural grass is slippery. Therefore, it should not be preferred. Especially in sports such as football that need to move quickly, the floor should always be more robust. Because the slightest injury means that a football player stays away from the field for months. No athlete deserves this. Therefore, the right ground should be chosen considering the health of the athletes.

As Hatko Sport, we make the installation of your carpet field by producing the highest quality artificial grass for you sports fans. Grass carpets are slippery floors. The rate of disability is very low with slippery floors. In addition, the maintenance cost of grass carpets is quite low.

  • Does not require continuous watering.
  • Always the colors are as vivid as the first day.
  • No wear on the floor.
  • You can use it for many years with peace of mind.
  • Grass carpets are very resistant to bad weather conditions.

Therefore, it will be easier to choose artificial turf for sports to be done on the lawn. As you can see, it has many advantages and alternatives. As Hatko Sport, we are installing football pitches all over the world. Our company is able to install indoor and outdoor artificial turf field, always working with the latest technology to offer you the best quality products.

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Where to Buy Artificial Grass Carpet?

There are many companies in the world where you can get artificial turf carpets. But what is important here is the quality and lifetime of the product you purchase. Because your investment in the football field will be very large. You should evaluate this investment in the most profitable way. Otherwise, you will suffer huge financial losses. Artificial turf carpets should be obtained from high quality companies that do their job very well. Hatko Sport is known all over the world and has many references. Our references are proof that we do quality work. You can see the football fields we have built from the references section on our website.

Grass carpets are not only used for football. Today, all sports on natural grass should be done on artificial turf. Sports such as tennis, rugby and golf should all be done on the grass carpet. Hatko Sport can make carpet pitch to any area you want. You can supply products of any size and quality you want from us. We have carpet field models suitable for each budget. We take care of all the details from installation to delivery of the site. We provide all necessary services including your infrastructure works.

With our research and development team, we are working to serve you better by expanding our product portfolio every day. Grass carpets are the most suitable product for all sports. In addition, grass carpets are the least cost product for all sports. Because these carpets are easy to clean, you will be saved from labor costs.

In addition, grass carpets are the most resistant products against bad weather conditions. Because there is no water accumulation thanks to the drainage systems in the infrastructure. Carpet pitches without puddles are always more enjoyable to play. The audience always watches a better quality game and enjoys the game. In addition, the risk of disability is very low due to drainage channels.

As you can see grass carpets are quite durable and high quality. You are quite satisfied when you work with a company that does its job well. Contact Hatko Sport for more information.

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