Why should an Astro Turf Constructed in to Schools?

Our children are our future. Therefore, children need to be raised and cared for in the best possible way. The most important thing to consider in this case is the education of children. Education starts in the family and continues at school. Necessary education should be given to our children in schools. Therefore, schools should be well equipped. For example, a sportive school should have a carpet pitch. On the carpet field, children do sports, develop themselves and perhaps become athletes. Even if they are not athletes, it is very important for an individual to grow up with sports in terms of physical and mental development. As Hatko Sport, we are constructing indoor soccer field pitches to many countries. There are so many references to the work we do all over the world.

Today, there are many kinds of sports with pleasure. These sports are done in order to make people’s time be positive or to make them feel better. Every person can love a different sport. In order for a person to love sports, he / she must be involved in sports activities from a certain age. As Hatko Sport, we receive a lot of demands especially from schools. Carpet pitches in schools are highly efficient for students. Carpet pitches made using artificial turf are quite safe for children.

  • Because artificial turf floors are not slippery.
  • Therefore, artificial grass carpet pitches are less likely to be injured.
  • Artificial grass is also very useful for children to have good ball control.
  • Artificial grass floors that do not wear out over time can be used in schools for many years.
  • It is very important for children to be raised in sporty sense.
  • UV-resistant lawns always stay the same color as the first day.

Today we will talk about how carpet pitches should be built in schools and why children should grow up with sportive activities. Now let’s examine the conditions in which sports are performed in schools.

  • Carpet pitches for schools should be arranged in a way that does not disturb the students who are in the course.

This is the most important element to consider. Because it is very important that the class is not disturbed when other teachers are teaching. Therefore, the carpet field to be made to the school should be made in a field away from classrooms. This would be more positive for the school. For this, a good location must be determined first.

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What Should Be Taken into Consideration When Laying A Foundation Plan in Carpet Fields?

Following this positioning, a foundation plan should be prepared. Measures should be taken to prevent any damage to the school when switching to infrastructure. Because we want our children to receive education in a safe environment. Therefore, even if a sports field is built, the building should not be damaged. Subsequently, ground work should be carried out by a team of experts. Because the carpet pitches made to schools should not be affected by bad weather conditions. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of artificial turf. It is extremely resistant to bad weather conditions. Thanks to the drainage channels built into it, no water accumulation occurs. This reduces the risk of injury.

In the same way, artificial turf selection is very important in carpet pitches made to schools. Because when students fall on the ground in matches they make on concrete floors, they can be damaged in various ways. But artificial grass are materials that minimize this ratio. Therefore, the choice of artificial lawn is very important and a very careful selection should be made. Hatko Sport manufactures artificial turf and has been doing business with devotion for years. Hatko, one of the leading companies in the world, makes very durable carpet pitches for sports fans.

Infrastructure operations should be followed by other applications. In these applications, wire nets in the carpet field should be carefully selected by selecting the students in a suitable way. Wire braids should be applied in such a way that there is no stretched parts. Because students can be damaged by these parts. In addition, the wire mesh must also be taut.

As you can see why we need to make astro turf to schools. Carpet pitches are very important if we want to train a healthy and sports-loving generation. Contact Hatko Sport to learn more about carpet pitches.

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