RKC is playing on Hatko Hybridgrass For This Season

RKC has recently conducted intensive research and consulted with various parties on the possibilities of a natural grass pitch. Frank van Mosselveld, Managing Director, explains: '' The switch from artificial grass to natural grass has always been one of our biggest priorities. RKC Waalwijk stands for football and that belongs to natural grass. We want to distinguish ourselves in the facilities and the way we work. The return of top quality natural grass HATKO HYBRID GRASS contributes to this. Of course, we didn't go ice-skating overnight and read a lot about what kind of feet it has in the earth. With this choice we continue to build a foundation on which we can build further with the club in the coming years. "

A large project started with the choice of natural grass. The main field in the Mandemakers Stadium replaced by a natural grass field, while the two training fields at the complex also was redesigned. These was changed into a natural grass field and HATKO HYBRIDGRASS that served as permanent training fields from this season. The replacement of the artificial grass for natural grass in the Mandemakers Stadium started to use the first official competition of this season.

Forming a connection in De Langstraat is the core value of the club. It is therefore fully in line with this vision to join forces with local entrepreneurs in this large-scale project. For example, contractor Van Wijlen Hatko’s Preferred Installer for Hybrid Systems from Sprang-Capelle is appointed as main contractor during this process. Vos Capelle also becomes the supplier of fertilizers and Bert van Loon Groentechniek from Waalwijk supplies the necessary machines.