Baseball Artificial Grass

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Baseball is a ball game with a ball and stick, which is common in the United States. Baseball's release date, although not known precisely, is believed to have evolved from the English game called, ‘’Rounders “ in the 18th century. The baseball game in New Jersey in the US in 1846 is considered the first baseball game in the world. After the 1846 match, baseball, which attracted a great deal of attention, began to spread rapidly.

Baseball is played on a 27-meter square field. The area around the site is fenced and the field is divided into two areas as inner space. Each square of the square in the form of a square is a fortress, and one of these castles is counted as a number fortress and other castles are ranked 1 to 3 by going counterclockwise. Baseball teams consist of nine people, the competition consists of nine circuits.

Artificial grass flooring for baseball is vital.

Since artificial turf ground is non-slippery, it is safer to play baseball on artificial turf.  

If you play baseball on artificial turf, you have very little chance of being injured. It is more enjoyable to play baseball on these grounds produced with advanced technology. As an appearance and ground structure, it adds an aesthetic look to your site. Thanks to the drainage channels built during construction, there is no water puddle in the field so the play is never interrupted. Therefore, even in unfavorable weather conditions, it is convenient to do play baseball on artificial turf pitches. 

One of the most important problems on natural grass floors is the bounce of the ball. Since the field surface is not smooth in natural grass fields, the bounce rate of the ball is different at every step, which decreases the quality of the game. However, artificial turf carpets are very tightly compressed by ground leveling process and the field surface is corrected using a maximum of one tonne cylinder and a smooth surface is obtained. This makes it easier to play professional baseball in artificial turf pitches. Because there is no protrusion on the floor, the ball's bounce percentage is the same in across the field, which increases the quality of the game. Also artificial lawns do not fade over time. It is produced with superior UV protection technology. For many years, you can use your field with very vibrant colors. In addition, artificial grass floors are free of toxic chemicals and are produced from substances that will not harm the environment and humans.

Hatko Grass encourages innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf fields. Fibers extruded by advanced polymer technology are designed to contribute to a soft, flexible surface. Advanced production equipment with strict control of the technological process ensures the same and exceptional quality. There are 7 types of artificial turf for baseball. These are ;

  • Omega XL,
  • Omega Turf,
  • Invicto,
  • Maxima, Spine Turf, Duograss, Performa.

They are all inspired by the demands of our valued customers. You can learn more about our artificial turf models by reviewing our site. If you have a land and want to turn this place into a baseball field, you can choose Hatko Sport artificial turf with peace of mind and add value to your land. Please contact us for more information.