Multi Purpose Flooring

Multi Purpose Sports Court Flooring

We have models that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor fields. These models can be used over a long period of time as well as temporarily in any area. Since our floor systems are easy to install, they can be used for playgrounds, schools, sports fields or decoration purposes. All materials used in the construction of our artificial turf were selected so that they are suitable for schools, communities and organizations. In other words, our artificial turf floors are produced from materials that do not harm the environment and people. Artificial turf is also chosen by amateur clubs because it is difficult to maintain the natural grass floor for a long time. Natural grass floors wear very quickly compared to artificial turf floors and reduce game quality.

Hatko Sports artificial turf and ground models can be used as multipurpose.

Hatko Sport encourages innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf fields. Fibers extruded by advanced polymer technology are designed to contribute to a soft, flexible surface. Advanced production equipment with strict control of the technological process ensures the same and exceptional quality.

There are 3 kinds of ground models for multi-purpose sports. First is the artificial turf model, Multi Sport.

Second, ACRYLON (Acrylon series) is a surface coating system that can be used in all weather conditions with high durability and maximum UV resistance, which can be customized to achieve the desired ball bounce and controlled ball speed.  Acrylon offers a wide range of systems from hard and high performance padded surfaces and can be installed on both asphalt and concrete plants. And third, ATHLON (Athlon Athletic Systems, was developed by HATKO engineers to meet the requirements of Athletes and Facility Owners. High Quality Polyurethane used in Athlon systems is the most durable and best performance system in the world, even in the most demanding climatic conditions).