Tennis Court Flooring

Tennis Court Acrylic Flooring

Tennis, a sport that originated in England, is played in many countries around the world. Major tournaments, known as the Grand Slams that bring together the world’s best tennis players, are among the most important events in this sport. The Grand Slam season, starting with the Australian Open, continues with the French Open (Roland Garros) and Wimbledon and then closes with the US Open.

Tennis is played in three or five sets. At least 6 games must be taken to reach 1 set. If the game is 5-5 it goes to the extension and in order to win the game, there must be at least two differences such as 9-7 or 8-6. In some special tournaments, when the game is 6-6, you can go to the Tie-break application which finishes the set. Each score in the competition starting at 0-0 means 15 points. The first point is 15, the second point is 30 and the third point is 40. The player who reaches the fourth point adds the score to the game. It takes the advantage of the extra number field of 40-40 numbers. After the number of advantages, the game points are earned with the number received.

The quality of the Sport Surface is vital for tennis

It is safer to play tennis on artificial grass. When you play tennis on artificial turf, you are less likely to get injured. It is more enjoyable to play tennis on these wonderful grounds produced with advanced technology. Thanks to the drainage channels built during the construction, there is no water puddle in the field and your play pleasure is never interrupted. One of the most important problems on natural grass floors is the bounce of the ball. Since the field surface is not smooth in natural grass fields, the bounce rate of the ball can be different across the field which decreases the quality of the game. However, artificial turf carpets are very tightly compressed by ground leveling process and the field surface is corrected using a maximum of one tonne cylinder and a smooth surface is obtained. This makes it easier to play professional tennis in artificial turf pitches. Because there is no protrusion on the floor, the ball’s bounce percentage is the same throughout the field, which increases the quality of the game. Also artificial lawns do not fade over time. It is produced with superior UV protection technology. For many years, you can use your field with very vibrant colors. In addition, artificial grass floors are free of toxic chemicals and are produced from substances that will not harm the environment and people.

Hatko Sport encourages innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf fields. Fibers extruded by advanced polymer technology are designed to contribute to a soft, flexible surface. Advanced production equipment with strict control of the technological process ensures consistent and exceptional quality.

There are 2 kinds of ground models for tennis. One is the artificial turf model, the Multi Sport and the other is ACRYLON. The ACRYLON series is a surface coating system that can be used in all weather conditions with high durability and maximum UV resistance, which can be customized to achieve the desired ball bounce and controlled ball speed. ACRYLON is used to provide the highest quality tennis courts worldwide, and is also widely used for basketball courts, outdoor multi-sport playgrounds and skating rinks. ACRYLON offers a wide range of systems from hard and high performance padded surfaces and can be installed on both asphalt and concrete plants.

They are all inspired by the demands of our valued customers. You can learn more about our artificial turf and acrylon models by reviewing our website.  Please contact us for more information.

Synthetic turf tennis courts are preferred by professional and amateur clubs from all over the world. Our artificial grass is also selected by high schools and universities.