Cricket Grass

Cricket Artificial Grass

Cricket is a game where two teams of 11 people play with wooden sticks and balls to the castle. The first cricket match was held in 1728 between the teams of Kent and Surrey counties, and since then Cricket has become widely popular in England. Today it is played in many countries. The white captain of his / her own character is determined by the team captain. The status of the players' layout is adjusted according to the defense technique and field conditions of the batsman in each team. The names of the players are based on their status in the field. The playground is in round or oval shape, but the field dimensions cannot be less than 135x150 meters. The purpose of the cricket played in the green grass field is to knock the 22, 5 cm wide obstacle consisting of three sticks placed on the center of both ends of the thick line of 20, 11x3, 04 m. The inner cork is full, covered with skin and the circumference of the cricket ball is 22 cm, the weight is 155 grams.

Artificial grass floor for cricket is vital.

Playing cricket on artificial turf is safer. Since artificial turf provides a non-slippery ground, it safer to play Cricket on artificial turf. It is also more enjoyable to play Cricket these floors produced with advanced technology. As an appearance and ground structure, it adds an aesthetic look to your site.  Thanks to the drainage channels built during the construction, there is no water puddle in the field and your play pleasure is never interrupted. Artificial turf is very safely compressed by floor gauging in carpet areas and the field surface is corrected using a maximum of one tonne cylinder and a smooth ground is obtained. This makes it easier to play professional cricket on artificial turf pitches since there is no protrusion on the floor. Also artificial lawns do not fade over time. It is produced with superior UV protection technology. For many years, you can use your field with very vibrant colors. In addition, artificial grass floors are free of toxic chemicals and are produced from substances that will not harm the environment and humans.

Hatko Sport encourages innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf fields.

Fibers extruded by advanced polymer technology are designed to contribute to a soft, flexible surface. Advanced production equipment with strict control of the technological process ensures the same and exceptional quality. There are 2 kinds of artificial turf for cricket. These are the

  • Multi Sport and
  • Non-Fill models.

They are all inspired by the demands of our valued customers. You can learn more about our artificial turf models by reviewing our site. If you have land and want to turn this place into a cricket ground, you can choose Hatko Sport artificial turf with peace of mind and evaluate your land. Please contact us for more information.