Athlon Athletic Systems

Athlon Athletic Systems are developed by HATKO engineers to provide the requirements of the Athletes and Facility Owners.

The High Quality Polyurethane used in the ATHLON Systems guarantee the highest durability and the best performance even under the world’s most severe climatic conditions.

Athlon Acrylic Flooring Systems

  • Meets IAAF standards
  • Outstanding mechanical strength
  • Spike resistant
  • Excellent force reduction and energy restitution
  • Eco-friendly
  • High resistance to all weather conditions
  • Flexible & seamless
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable system
  • UV-stable colors
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy


ATHLON FP  System is an impermeable outdoor track system, in a total thickness of 15mm,  specially  designed  for  excellent  resilience, energy restitution and shock absorption for professional athletic competitions. Athlon FP is installed in a multi- layered application featuring 3 specialized layers:

a self-levelling fluid two-component polyurethane and recycled rubber / colored EPDM;  an engineered central force reduction self-levelling two-component polyurethane foam layer; a flexible high-performance self-levelling two-component polyurethane layer, embedded with colored EPDM granules. 

The system strictly adheres to the IAAF’s technical requirements.


ATHLON SW System is a type of sandwich track system specially designed for excellent resilience, energy restitution and shock absoprtion for professional athletic competitions in outdoor track facilities. The system consists of an in-situ applied shock-absorbent SBR rubber base in combination with a flexible high-performance polyurethane self-leveling layer, embedded with colored EPDM granules. The system strictly adheres to the IAAF’s technical requirements.


HATKO Athlon MP Athletic Track Surfacing system is a seamless and elastic synthetic floor covering comprising a permeable sandwich type construction of special in-situ shock absorbent SBR and  EPDM rubber layers in desired thickness. The first layer applied is primer, then 10-40mm thick elastic in-situ rubber base, followed by 5-10mm thick EPDM layer poured in place. The system can be finished with an optional aliphatic UV resistant lacquer.
ATHLON MP is a 2-layer sandwich system and is developed to resist UV degradation in the most severe climate conditions.


ATHLON JG  is  a specially designed multi-layered impermeable system for outdoor sports activities. The first layer applied is primer, then one layer of 10-40mm thick elastic rubber base poured in place, followed by  5-10mm thick EPDM in-situ layer. After the EPDM installation, a fine layer of pore sealer fills the voids smoothly and provides strong adherence between the final self-leveling UV resistant durable polyurethane coat. The system is finished with an aliphatic color coat. Athlon JG provides high shock absorbency and excellent mechanical durability for all kinds of sport and jogging facilities and has been designed specially for dusty environment and hard weather conditions.


RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow

RAL 3016 Coral Red

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

RAL 6021 Pale Green

RAL 6027 Light Green

RAL 8024 Beige Brown

RAL 9010 Pure White

RAL 9017 Traffic Black