Artificial Grass According to FIFA Standards

Artificial grass ground are the types of lawn floor which are required by FIFA. These grounds, which are safer and better for sports fields, have been made compulsory by a 2006 rule. Since then, the use of artificial turf in professional fields has increased. And nowadays, everyone, including the amateur sports halls, puts synthetic grass on the sports grounds.

Artificial turf pitches are prod uced according to international FIFA standards with minimum 45x90m and maximum 90x120m dimensions. FIFA standards must be tested in the fields. An artificial turf carpet in accordance with FIFA standards is specific dimensions and floors made to certain standards. These floors are subject to FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star certification after passing certain tests. For this reason, experienced teams are required for FIFA standards.

Hatko Sport manufactures various sports floors in international quality, mainly artificial turf carpets. Artificial turf models for sports fields, decorative synthetic turf carpet models, multi-purpose lawn carpet models and artificial turf models are our own special production. Together with artificial turf under our own brand, we also produce acrylic floor paint as well as tartan floor, EPDM granule, binder, SBR granule, rubber tile, roller rubber floors, indoor and outdoor polyurethane flooring. We proudly export these products to different countries all over the world. You can check the products produced by FIFA standards on our website.

  • Grass carpet is a synthetic product which is an alternative to natural grass.
  • The fields of lawn carpets are divided into two main categories as decorative and sporty.
  • Convenient and easy-to-clean natural-looking models that can be applied to the garden and balcony.
  • Synthetic turf models for sporting purposes are also available.
  • It is a product that can be cleaned easily when it is dirty. You can sweep with any broom. You can also wash as desired.
  • Because there is granule and sand filling in the sports areas, it will be healthier to clean things like branches, leaves and garbage instead of sweeping.
  • Lawn carpet is a type of carpet woven in tufting machines with 5mm and 55mm pile length, used in synthetic fibrils or monofilament yarns in shades of green as yarn.
Artificial Grass According to FIFA Standards

Artificial Grass According to FIFA Standards

Synthetic Grass Carpet For Sport Areas

We produce unlimited solutions with our special synthetic turf floors produced in Hatko Sport facilities for use in sports fields. Professional Football Floors, Outdoor and Indoor Carpet Field Artificial Grass Floors, Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Floors, Multi-Purpose Field Floors, Baseball Artificial Grass Floor, Rugby and Grass Hockey Carpet Production and Installation is done by our experienced team.

The yarns are sewn on the base cloth and cut to the desired length, then the latex base coat is applied. In this way, our more durable Grass Carpet models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

As Hatko Sport, we design our lawn models with natural grass look with monofilament yarns. Monofilament yarns are a new generation, more durable and look completely grass. In addition to the use of two color yarns in olive green and natural green colors, curly yellow yarns are used which give both filling and natural grass appearance.

Artificial Turf for Sport Fields and Landscaping

In Hatko Sport’s own factory, artificial grass is produced for sports fields and landscaping areas and for all needs. Turkey, which is one of the leading companies in the production of artificial turf Hatko exports to European standards, provide sales and installation services worldwide. Synthetic lawns produced in the desired sizes and desired pile height in modern production facilities of Hatko; The maintenance and use instructions can be used without any problem for many years.

Keeping customer satisfaction at a high level, Hatko Sport is one of the companies with a high number of positive feedback with constructive solutions in after sales support issues. Our goal is always to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. At this point, we work with dedication in accordance with the requests of our valued customers. For more information, please check our website and contact us.

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