Artificial Grass Floor Sports

Nowadays, there are many kinds of sports. All are played on different grounds. But there is a ground that is preferred by many types of sports. This is a very popular ground in recent years and it is very safe and fun to do sports. This type of ground is called artificial grass. Artificial turf is produced because of the difficulty of using natural turf. So it is produced as an alternative to natural grass. Natural grass is difficult to maintain and is not resistant to bad weather. Therefore, a quality game cannot be put into play during sports competitions. For example, football has been known for many years as a sport on the grass ground. But when we look at old times, football is played on natural grass. During this time the ball was struck and the grass was removed from the ground along with the soil, indicating that the ground was unsafe, reducing the quality of the game. Therefore, an alternative to this grass had to be considered. It was also artificial turf.

  • Artificial grass is a very high quality product due to its structure.
  • It is easy to maintain compared to natural grass.
  • It does not require watering because its color does not fade.
  • As it is resistant to UV rays, you always come across vivid colors like the first day.
  • It is not possible to disassemble it like natural grass.

The installation of artificial grass is a very devoted work. Because if you want a sporting event to be held in a fair and safe way, the ground should guide you in the right way. So the installation of artificial turf carpet pitch is an area that needs much attention. Installation of turnkey carpet fields takes approximately 1 month. As Hatko Sport, we build artificial turf carpet pitches all over the world and we have many references in the world. Together with our expert team, we build the most reliable and realistic turf-looking carpet pitches. Hatko Sport does this with an understanding that always stands by the sport and the athlete. Therefore, the athlete deserves the quality of the floor offers.

Artificial Grass Floor Sports

What Are The Types of Sports Played on Artificial Turf Ground?

Hatko Sport artificial turf floors are produced in many different ways. The thickness of the artificial turf floor varies according to your wishes. 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm artificial grass floors are available. All of these floor thicknesses are designed for different sports. The thickness of fake grass changes according to your demand. Only football is not played on artificial turf ground.

  • Rugby,
  • Hockey,
  • Baseball,
  • Paintball,
  • Cricket,
  • Tennis

Many sports such as artificial turf is suitable to play on. Now let’s explain why these sports should be played on artificial turf.

  1. Rugby

Rugby is one of the most played and followed sports in the world after football. Rugby tournaments are held every year in the world. Rugby is played on artificial turf because artificial turf is a safer ground. Because artificial turf floors are slippery, so the risk of falling and injury is very low. And because Hatko Sport artificial turf is produced with dedication, it gives you a more enjoyable sporting pleasure.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is the most played sport after football in the world. Hockey is a tough sport. So artificial turf ground is quite important for hockey. Because it is easy for players to control themselves on artificial turf ground. For this reason, artificial turf has been preferred for hockey and has been going on for many years.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is most commonly played in America in the world. Artificial turf ground is very important because baseball is a game that requires continuous running. Because artificial turf ground is slippery as we mentioned, it is the type of ground that should be preferred for baseball. Because it gives everyone a professional gaming experience. Hatko Sport produces 7 different artificial turf floors for baseball. These;

  • Omega XL,
  • Omega Turf,
  • Invicto,
  • Maxima,
  • Spine Turf,
  • Duograss,
  • Performa

It is possible to do many other sports on these grounds. Contact Hatko Sport to find out which floor is more suitable for which sport.

  1. Paintball

Paintball is one of the most popular sports of recent years. That is why many followers and likes. The paintball floor should be reliable because people are running with guns in their hands and therefore the floor must be intact. Hatko Sport manufactures a variety of surfaces for paintball. All of them are very high quality and solid floors.

  1. Cricket

Cricket, like other sports, is a sport played on artificial turf. Athletes with a bar in their hands try to control a small ball. Therefore, the ground on which this sport is carried out should be very robust and useful. Artificial turf ground was preferred for cricket so.

  1. Tennis

Synthetic turf tennis courts are preferred by professional and amateur clubs from all over the world. Our artificial grass is also selected by high schools and universities. Different types of sports is importtant for young people.

As you can see, artificial turf floors are vital for the above mentioned sports. If you want to make your sport on a reliable ground, you should choose artificial turf floors. For more information, please contact us using the contact information on our website.

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