Artificial Landscape Grass

Artificial landscape grass

HATKO ATENEA, CAPRI, IBIZA and NOVA comes to the fore with its characteristic and unique shape and natural color. It is suitable for children and pets thanks to its extra soft texture. In the sunny environments, its non- reflecting natural dual green shades will ease and relax your eyes.

There are six different height options for your preference 45mm, 40mm,  35 mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20 mm. You can use this model for airports, playgrounds, swimming pool surroundings, gardens, terraces, commercial areas and urban planning.

  • Height : 45 mm 40 mm 35 mm 30mm 25mm 20 mm
  • Dtex: 11.000 dtex
  • Stitch: 16.800 -18.900
  • Filaments : from 537.600 to 604.800
  • Exclusive Yarn : For HATKO by TENCATE
  • Roll width: 2 m or 4 m
  • Roll length: On Demand (standard 20 m)

Landscape Turf

Artificial turf is also known as synthetic turf products with different usage areas. As a result of the development in synthetic production technologies, artificial turf production has gone through significant stages and the form closest to natural grass has been reached. Artificial grass has many usage areas. It is used for landscaping on decorative fields, for sports such as football and as grass. As Hatko Sport, we have more than 30 years of experience in the artificial turf sector. There are numerous artificial grass products for decoration purposes from carpet fields to landscape areas. For us, quality, sustainability and high standards come first.

Enjoy every day of the year in your garden with artificial landscape grass. This durable, unique lawn carpet requires very little maintenance and is a very stylish solution for all garden areas. Artificial Landscape Grass offers high quality ropes specifically designed for landscaping and other special uses. Today’s technology with artificial turf has a natural look like real. Investment in artificial turf is a long-term and safe investment. It also has many benefits to the user. Artificial grass is easy to clean, requires little maintenance and can be installed anywhere. Landscaping artificial turf is suitable for busy areas such as balconies, terraces, gardens, cafes, restaurants and country gardens.

  • Quality and reliability are our top priority.
  • Unlike other artificial turf, artificial turf looks 100% natural.
  • We produce a nature and environment friendly decoration product.
  • We follow the latest technologies and innovations in this market.
  • We offer 7 to 10 years UV guaranteed products.
  • Our proven experience is more than 10 years.

Would You Like To Beautify Your Garden And Living Spaces With Decorative Artificial Turf?

Hatko Sport has been established in Istanbul, and since its establishment, adopts quality products and services as the first principle in the synthetic grass sector and performs all its services up to the assembly by reflecting its unique quality difference. In addition to the obvious advantages of artificial lawns, consumers’ preference is often based on aesthetic reasons. For consumer use, we therefore recommend our products with a high aesthetic value.

With Hatko Sport artificial landscape grass solutions, you will have green gardens for four seasons whether you care for or not water. Artificial landscaping offers a wide range of solutions in many landscaping areas such as gardens, cafes, terraces, balconies, children playgrounds and so on with lawn. With our synthetic grass product group that we have designed for all grass fields, your green areas will stay as green as you want. For more information about artificial turf for private use, please visit our website in detail and contact us.

HATKO Landscape Collection has been created for the desire for all year long green areas with low maintenance costs. HATKO product range offers customers the opportunity to benefit from the green and smooth landscape and time savings. We have a large landscaping range from 15mm to 45mm with semi- sand dressed, sand dressed, non-infill products. Most of our landscaping projects are destined for public parks and gardens receiving the highest levels of pedestrian traffic. For this reason, UV resistance and carpet construction strength are very important for the lifespan of landscaping grass. HATKO is being chosen for the most important projects ever realized due to its superior quality standard products.

*HATKO has the right to modify above technical specifications without any prior notice