Environmental Policy

As Hatko Dokuma, it has adopted the principle of acting with the awareness of value to the environment and people in line with the works we have carried out. In parallel with carrying out these activities, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System has been established in our company and our objectives have been established in this context.  in this context ;

  • To minimize transportation and protect the environment in order to benefit from service opportunities.
  • Our services include a hazardous and non-hazardous Environmental Management System that they can adapt and an Environmental Management System that they can collect and remove to waste management and waste disposal
  • To be informed about creating the future and to create the future
  • To continue to benefit from the use and recycling units for global resources
  • As an expression of environmental awareness, its return to the region related to the environment in a certain cultural period will take place in a planned manner.
  • This policy will be carried out in a way that will be for general use of the environment.


It has been determined as our Environmental Policy.


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