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Fifa Approved Turf

Artificial Grass Turkey

When we talk about artificial turf, football, golf, tennis and lots of spor area’s surfaces comes our minds. The usage area of artificial turf is increasing in recent years. Well, what is artificial turf and what is the advantages of artificial turf when we compared to the natural turf, lets look at together.

Domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums may require synthetic turf  because of the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to stay healthy.

Artificial turf used in small and big sport areas surfaces. The raw material o artificial turf is petrolium and when we compate to the natural turf the usage of artificial turf is easier than the natural turf. Artifical turf covered the field surfaces like a carpet and it is a surface covering technigues and produced with high technology. Firstly artificial turf is thougt about for children. In our concrete World the game areas quite decreased in recent years. And people wanted to create more healty and secure game areas.

Firstly in Rhode Island in the school of Moses Brown they are constructed an activity areas  in 1964. After that these systems developed and lastly the The International Football Federation (FIFA) decided to use artificial turf at all international level football fields as of 2004-2005 season. With this the artificial turf usage is quite increased. When we compare to the natural turf the artificial turf’s life is so long and this situation is one of the reason of choosing artificial turf.

We can say that one of the other reason choosing of artificial turf is global warming.

The climate conditions is changing and the water resources are decreasing day by day. When looking at the situation in this way, the use of artificial turf means less water usage than natural grass, which reduces both water costs and natural resources. Now let’s look at where the artificial turf is used.

Where The Artificial Turf is Used?

  • Indoor and outdoor carpet areas
  • İndoor and outdoor football stadiums
  • Tennis court construction
  • Golf field
  • According to FIFA standards, it is used in fields for international football competitions.
  • Beyzbol fields
  • Rugby fields
  • Used in gardens, parks, roofs, balconies and terraces for aesthetic purposes.
  • Quality Certificate
  • Duocolor
  • High Quality Polymers
  • High UV resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Use
  • Amateur / Community Use
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Resilience
  • High Durability
  • Pile height : 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill : SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad : N/A
  • Norms : NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications : FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage : Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
  • Pile height: 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
Cheap Grass
  • Pile height: 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
  • Pile height: 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
What is artificial football field made of?2019-09-23T19:12:40+03:00

Artificial turf is the most used football field material for the last 20 years. Artificial grass has many different features. Fifa approved turf is now used in all astro turf.

Artificial turf is a very useful and high quality product. It is a state of the art technology with a lifetime of at least 10 years that you can easily choose in sports fields. Areas where artificial turf carpet is used can be listed as follows;

  • Stadium and Sports Areas
  • Parks
  • Recreation Areas
  • Private Houses
  • Public Spaces
  • Golf Courses
  • Residences
  • Training Fields
  • Hippodrome and Haralar
  • Villa Gardens
  • Artificial landscape grass
  • Shopping Centers and Hotels

Special, robust, durable yarns are used in artificial turf construction. With these lawns produced with the latest technology, you can cover your carpet fields with peace of mind.

Is FIFA played on real grass?2019-09-23T19:11:42+03:00

For the past few years, FIFA has argued that hybrid turf may be preferred over artificial turf. Because hybrid grass is a mixture of real grass and artificial grass and can be used in professional football matches as long as it meets certain standards. Hybrid grass has many advantages.


Advantages of hybrid turf;


  • Provides play quality on natural grass ground.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It provides the advantage of 4 seasons use.
  • You can play up to 3-4 times more games than the standard natural grass field.
  • Thanks to strong roots, no grass breaks are seen.
  • Self-renewal speed is high. This saves you extra money.
  • Prevents image loss of clubs. Prevents an aesthetically bad appearance on the ground.
  • Always provides a green and balanced field without sludge deposits and grass breaks.
  • Provides additional income opportunity by providing activity in the fields.
  • Reduces maintenance times and costs, thus providing the fastest return on investment.
  • Hybrid grass that is protected against UV rays maintains the quality of the first day for many years.

As you can see, the hybrid grass is quite good quality and is a useful product for sports. Compared with artificial turf ground, nowadays it has more advantage. For more information, please contact Hatko Sport. With the hope of playing games on safer pitches.

How big is a FIFA soccer field?2019-09-23T19:11:10+03:00

FIFA has determined the dimensions of the soccer field according to some standards. Here we will explain these standards.

  • The area where the game will be played must be rectangular.
  • Mark the edges of the rectangle.
  • This mark indicates the boundaries of the playing field.
  • The center of the game should be determined by drawing a circle in the middle area.
  • A circle with a radius of 9.15 m is constructed around this area.

The aim of this is to ensure that the players remain within the boundaries of the designated area when making a corner kick.

  • All marking lines must not exceed 12 cm.

The size of the playground in determined by FIFA standards.

Standard size of football field;

  • Touch line (lenght) 90 m to 120 m
  • Goal line (width) 45m to 90 m

International Football Matches;

  • Touch line (lenght) 100 m to 110 m
  • Goal line (width) 64m to 75 m

2 lines are drawn perpendicular to the castle line. This area should be 5.5 meters. The area restricted in this way is called the goal area.

In addition, two more lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, which must be 16.5 meters from the goal. These lines are then combined with the goal line and the penalty area is determined.

The distance between the masts should be 7.32 m. The cross-distance from the lowest corner should be 2.44 m.

Does FIFA allow artificial turf?2019-09-23T19:09:59+03:00

The use of artificial turf in carpet pitches and stadiums was approved by FIFA in 2004. There are many reasons for FIFA licence turf installation.

Artificial turf is the best surface form developed for football in recent years. If we talk about the advantages of artificial grass;

Fıfa approved turf should be;

  • Reduced lubricity
  • Design and application to increase mobility
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Reduced sand usage
  • Ground suitability and bounce rate
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • UV resistance
  • Aesthetic Image
  • Eco Friendly

The above mentioned features are only a few of the characteristics of artificial turf pitches. It is also very cost-effective because it has a long service life and is easy to maintain. Only regular maintenance is required .  There are some fifa standards to football field layout.

Fifa certified turf;

  • Good connection between the athlete and the surface.
  • The ratio between the bouncing percentage of the ball and the ground should be adjusted correctly.
  • Product content is very important. ( Should not be harm to the environment )
  • It must be resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • Artificial turf should be mounted securely on the ground.
  • Long service life.

Artificial lawns that meet the above mentioned requirements are approved by FIFA and allowed to be used in professional matches. FIFA certified turf is provided only by these conditions. Hatko Sport is the fifa approved turf manufacturer to all over the world.You can contact us from more information about out astro turf and fifa licence turf cost and prices.